Chapter 9

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(Bella POV)

After the church ceremony. We went for our receptions. Omg whoever did the decorations was amazing at their job.

'Alexanderrr' I called him.

'Yes Baby?'

'I want to get married again' I told him.

'What?, Today is our wedding day and you want a divorce, even before our wedding is over, not that I am gonna give it to you' He told me.

'What divorce!' I rolled m eyes at the idiot.

'Lets have a wedding again so I can ask whoever did the decorations to do it gain. OMG! Why is is so beautiful!' I started crying...

Alexander started laughing.

'Why are you laughing at me' I asked him.

'Oh baby, you are so cute thats why! Why don't we have weddings ever year.

'Omg really. You are the best!" I smiled and hugged him. He hugged me back.

We cut our cake. I ate a lot it was yummy. Alexander tried to make me eat food by glaring at me. I gave him the puppy look so he let me eat the cake. I should ask Alexander to buy me a cake again from the shop he bought this cake.

'Its time for the bride and grooms' first dance.' Someone announced.

'OMG Alex I can't dance! so can you teach me how to dance?' I asked him.

'Ofcourse baby' hE TOLD ME.

He took my hands with him and we went to the dance floor. He secretly taught me how to dance, but why is he hugging and dancing. We were dancing and Alex suddenly stopped and announced that we are going. Omg it was so embarrassing because people whistled and laughed at us.

Alexander and I, we are in a car on the way to his house. I am not not talking to him. How mean of him to marry me! He just crushed my dream of being proposed.


'Baby, talk to me... Baby' He keeps trying to make me talk.

Noway! I am not gonna talk to you nor look at you. I am really mad, You birdy Aldxander.

I am so tired...ZZZzzzzzzz....

I feel like someone is carrying me. Oh wait I dozed off...

'its okay baby, you sleep. I will carry you to our room'

I hears Alexander saying. What our room? I need my own room. I wanted to protest but my body was so tired that i dozed off again.


Next Morning!

I had a good sleep. This bedding is so comforting and warm. I hugged my pillow and tried to sleep again but wait why is my pillow not soft and my pillow is hugging me? I tried to open my eyes...

'Kyahhhhhhhh' I shouted, Alex idiot is sleeping next to me hugging!

'Baby why are you shouting?'

'Why are you on my bed? Sleeping? and my Bed room? What are you doing? Mom...' I kept shouting.

'Baby Baby stop!' He tried to calm me down.

'Remember we married yesterday. We are at our house, our room and our bed' He said.

Yesterday incidents kept coming back like flashbacks. I looked down and I am no longer in my wedding gown but a a man's shirt? Wait what?

'Who changed me?' I shouted.

'Ofcourse me! your husband, who else?! Alex said with a smirk.

'No no you should not do that you are mean' with that I stomped to the bathroom.

Alexander is laughing hard that he fell to the floor with a thud.

Serves you right! You idiot!


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