Chapter -7

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Allexender P.O.V.

I left to the church.

It has been one hour. Here I am waiting for my bride to come. You heard it right. We are getting married today. Bella will be like forever mine now.

I am standing near the isle for my bride to make her brand entrance.

Baby I can't wait anymore.

Now the only problem is how to make her say 'I Do' mom said she will do something.

My parents were happy she I said that I am going to marry Bella. They planned everything in a very short span of time period. They were shocked when I declared that I wanted to marry her cause all my life I never did commitment and they were ultra happy.

A voice took me out of myself thinking.

'Please stand now the bride is entering'

Everyone stood straight. Here comes my bride in a princess white gown. I should say it shows her curves and my life looks damn hot.

I hate when these mn stare at her. Her   beauty is only for me to oggle.
Now that she is only mine. I smirked to myself.

She entered with her mom. I know weird but I told her to do that.

I want and took her hand to mine and brought her near the podium.

Damn she looks really beautiful.

(I don't want to describe what the priest gonna say so I am skipping that part)

After the I dos it was my time to ravish my wife's sweet mouth with mine.

I still remember the death glare her mom have her when she hestitated to say I do.

They look so cute like sisters.

But my baby is cuter.

My wife. It brings me satisfaction. It reminds me she is mine. I am a very possesive man. I dont share my things. Most of all my wife. Her lips fitted me like that are made for me so smooth.

After the cermoney everyone came and wished us a happy married life and more children.

A smirked made its way to my face when I looked at my wife's shy face.

It was time for the receiption.

I took her bridal style to my bmw. After we got to put receiption. We had our first dance as a married couple and I must say my baby can't dance. When she asked me to teach her. How can I say no?

So I agreed to teach her later.
She was cuter when she was frustrated that she could not dance. I love her all imperfection cause that make me perfect.

My life is now one word heaven.

I could not wait anylonger. I announced.

"You guys have good to eat and drinks too also music. I don't think you guys will mind if I and my bride leaves. So have fun." I said and carried my bride bridal style to our awaiting car.

I can hear people whistling and all.

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