Chapter 11

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(Bella POV)

The birds are chirping... I opened my eyes slowly. I can see little sun rays trying to shine through the closed curtains. It's hilarious that the big sun can't outdone the tiny curtain.
Ha ha ha I laughed my self...

Next to me is my whole life sleeping in his naked glory... he looks so handsome. I giggled to myself...

I tried to touch Alexander's hair. It's so smooth and soft... omg... I wish to have smooth and soft hair like him.

I stopped patting his hair afraid that he would wake up but I must say sliding my fingers through his hair feels so nice.

'Keep doing whatever you are doing, it feels so nice baby' Alex said in his sleepy voice.

I continued to run my hands through his hair. It was dead silent but it was not uncomfortable. We were comfortable lost in our own worlds.

Hurrrrrr.... I yawned. Heheh that's very unladylike isn't it...

I woke up to sun blazing at my face.

'Good Afternoon to my baby' Alex said.

'Omg I fell a sleep again didn't I?' I said to him.

'You definitely did that I'm sure' He said.

He kept start but at me not lustfully but with adoration and love.

At that very moment my tummy decided to grumble.....very unladylike... I blushed a crimson red...

'Aww my bride is hungry and she is blushing...'... I giggled to what he said.

'Even though I'm hungry for something else my baby is hungry for real food..' he winked at me

'Go get ready let's go down and grab some brunch' I giggled and tried to get down from the bed.
Then only I realised we were both naked...

'Isn't my bride naked ahhh what a scene to see...' I tried to cover my self with the blanked and tried to get up.

Alex threw the blanket away from me with one swift move and he pinned me down to the bd again and kissed me.

I tried to stop him saying that I have got morning breath. Then he told me even your morning breath smells nice to me and kept kissing.

After a while he let me go saying I would wish to go deep down on you but I know you are hungry and let me go.

Then he carried me all the way to the bathroom and gave me a warm bathe saying that I must be sore.

Alexander doesn't have to know but I am happy that he would be my first and last. I am happy that he took away my virginity too.

After we both had a bathe I wore a white summer dress paired with doll shoes and Alex wore shorts and a white tee. We then went down and had brunch.


'Baby are you ready? Are all packed up?' Alexander asked.

'Yes... I am ready and I put everything inside the suit case. I can't pack nicely if you want you can do it yourself birdy' I told him in an angry tone.

'Oh love that's why I told you that let's ask someone to come and help us with the packing but you said no and I had to do some work because I had to take care of some urgent work' He said in a lovely tone compare to mine.

'I didn't want to trouble others Alex. I don't like that..' I told him. He came near me and back hugged me. Awww it was so romantic... don't tell Alex he doesn't have to know. Otherwise his already Hugh ego will go rocket high and we of course don't want that.

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