Chapter 10

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(Bella POV)

Well, I have been married for one day, even though I don't want to admit my husband has been a sweetheart. He always tries to kiss me, hug me and touch me. Not that I don't like being kissed, touched or hugged... well people who know me know that I'm such a cuddle bear. I get to still show that I'm angry with him right?


'ALEXANDER WALKER you gotta propose to me ' I shouted at him... 'and also I want a romantic proposal'... I kept screaming and shouting.

Doofus if my husband kept smiling and laughing at me...

'Why are you laughing buddy? I am angry can't you see!...

Well I'm literally angry at him now.

'That's because baby you look damn sexy now that you are angry. I wanna make you angry everyday so I can look at the decay side of you..' he kept walking to me saying that


Oh birdy world! He back hugged me

'Baby why are you blushing? You look like a well ripped tomato' Alex laughed at me.

I ran to the bathroom and checked my face and i have blushed a crimson red!!!

Doofus gonna tease me all day now! Why did I have to blush at that moment when I was angry at him!!!

I had a shower and I came out... and Alexander IS ALREADY READY???

'Alex  OMG did you even wash yourself???'
If I was in the shower how come he showered?

'I had a shower while you were sleeping! You literally made me have a cold shower' He said.

'Oh!!! Alexander why did you have a cold shower? Wasn't it cold? Why what did I do you you??  Hot water didn't work? Should we complain this to the hotel authority?' I kept blabbering.

'No Bella! You will understand it later! Now it's time for breakfast!' He said.

'Alexander I want pancake with syrup if I don't have them I won't have breakfast' I stomped my feet.

'Of course! Whatever your majesty requests!' Alex said in a funny time.
We both laughed together.

We went downstairs to the hotel's restaurant and we sat on a table facing the sea?

'Omg Alex this place looks really beautiful! The owner of the restaurant must be really lucky to own this place. Look I can see the sea also I want to stay here for some more days.' I said to Alex.

'Of course we are lucky.'
He said and winked at me.

'Why are we lucky?' I questioned him.
'Because we own this.' He said to me nonchalantly.

'OMG! What? I can't believe this I'm so happy.

' But Baby not this time will  come back again and stay for few days here because I have planned something else for us.' He said to me.

' Then where are going Alex.' I asked him.

'It's a secret and you will find out it anyway do patience my lady.' He said.

'Omg I'm so curious please let me knowwww' I pleaded him.

'No don't give me that look! I won't give in this time.' He said to me without looking at me.

'Hmphh such a meanie.' I said to him m.

With that out food came?

'How come they brought us food we didn't order also but this is what I wanted pancakes with syrup...' I said to Alex.

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