Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

"What was that all about?!" Rain hissed at me once I entered the house. I flinched but silently thanked God that she got home safely. I wrapped her up in my arms.

"Nothing. It was all nothing." I muttered. She sighed, letting it go for now. Because our father was awake. I pushed Rain to the door. "Go hunt. Bring home a nice doe." I gave her a sly smile. She hesitated, looked at the stairs for a moment and moaned.

"Be careful, Summer." She turned and left without another word and I was accompanied by Carl, my father. He sulked into the kitchen and threw me a disgusted look. 

"Where's my fucking eggs?!" He snarled. I mentally cursed myself as I spun on my heels and hurried to make him his eggs before he got too angry. He liked them sunny-side-up, which I found nasty. But hey, whatever kept him from slapping me or Rain, I was content on doing it. "Where the hell is Rain?" He hissed. I winced, handing him his plate of eggs, passing him salt and pepper.

"Um, she's out with friends. Won't be home till later." I lied. Carl was leaving in thirty minutes time. Rain will be in the middle of her meal by the time he leaves. He chowed down on his food, half of it flying out of it mouth. Disgusting pig! 

I got him a glass of orange juice and handed it to him. He didn't ackowledge me so I went to making myself some lunch. I simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich would do. 

"Summer." He grumbled. I looked over my shoulder at Carl and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, daddy?" Daddy? Really? Last time I called him that I was five! Must be my nerves for tonight. What is Aiden finds out I'm a rouge and goes to kill me?! His own mate? He's supposed to protect me with his life but no, he's fierce about his rules. See a rouge, kill them. Plain and simple.

"What the hell is on your neck?" I raised my eyebrows and touch the soft skin of my neck, confused. "Is that a hickey? Who the hell gave you a hickey?" He stood up so quickly the stool fell to the ground in a bang. I gasped, stepping back as he sauntered over to me, grabbed my by the hair and turned my head to the side. "Who are you seeing, Summer?! I prohibited you from ever seeing boys again!" He hollered at me. I whimpered as he threw me against the wall and began kissing my neck over the supposed hickey. 

"I'm sorry! I didn't want him to kiss me, he just did!" I cried. He grabbed my hips tightly, most likely bruising them.

"You are such a whore! Like your mother!" I growled lowly at him, shoving him from his chest. 

"Don't you dare talk down on her!" I screamed. Without hesitation, he slapped me hard across the face, sending me spiraling to the ground. It stung so bad that tears formed in my eyes. Then there was an agonizing pain in my stomach, making me gag. Then another and another. He was kicking me.

"You bitch! You know better than to yell at me!" He reached down, grabbed me by the hair again and picked me up. I tried to mask the pain but he saw it and smiled. "Aw? Is Summer in pain?" I didn't answer. "Maybe you should take your slutty as to your boyfriend so he can kiss it all better!" He went to punch me in the eye when someone grabbed his arm. 

"Dad! Stop it!" Oh my God! Rain! Carl released me and turned to Rain. I fell to the ground but struggled to get up as he approached my little sister. 

"Rain. I thought you were with friends. I see you and your sister like to lie to me." Smack. A hard slap and threw her into the kitchen counter. She cried in pain and began to beg my father to stop. "I'll stop once you become decent enough of daughters! You're both such disappointments!" He glared down at me before he grabbed his keys and marched out of the house. I huffed and leaned back against the fridge, closing my eyes.

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