Capture-Chapter Eighteen

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~Aislinn’s POV~

My eyes blink open to find nothing but darkness. I try blinking a few more times to see if my vision was just messed up. It stays dark, and I sit up from my resting position. I look around, and feel around to check if I was alone. I run into a wall, returning to my sitting position and letting out a shaky sigh. I close my eyes and bury my hands in my face. Who would do this? I don’t think I’ve upset anyone. Where was Draco? As I think of more and more questions, I hear voices.

“Narcissa, you need to keep control of that boy of yours!” I hear an insane voice saying.

“And how, sister, do you expect me to do that?! The information the boy gathers at the school is very valuable, and there is no way for me to tell what he’s doing there!” Exclaims another voice, Narcissa, I assume.

“Well he hasn’t exactly been getting much useful information lately, at least none he’ll tell us! He’s gotten too close to the girl,” “and thats why we’re here, isn’t it? To get rid of her? Let us get it over with, shall we?” I hear a small sigh and then footsteps down towards the chamber I’m in.

A door--or should I say a large piece of rock is moved out of the way. I stand up and feel around in my robes for my wand, with no luck.

It reveals a woman with black and blonde hair in a sleek outfit, along with a tattered, crazy looking woman.

The blonde-haired woman approaches me with an unforgiving look on her face.

~Draco’s POV~

I bang on my door as it slams in my face, with my father on the other side.

“You can’t keep me in here forever, father! I will find a way out!” I yell, only to hear a chuckle on the other side of the door.

“Stupid boy, you won’t be getting out of your room with that attitude, will you?” He  teases in a humorous tone.

I hear footsteps away from my room, and I stop banging when I hear screeching, from no one else other than Bellatrix Lestrange, I suppose.

Aislinn. She must be screaming at Aislinn. I couldn’t let this happen. I look around my room for something, and then end up taking a curtain rod and smashing a small hole in the window with 5 minutes of effort. I break off glass around it until I can fit through.

I jump out of the hole and land in the bushes lining the side of the manor, and lay there for a couple minutes to assess myself and make sure I was alright. I have a deep cut on my forearm, but other than that I’m unharmed.

I run around the house and enter through the front door, running towards the voices. I approach a flight of stairs and wearily walk down, the screeching getting louder now. I slowly work my way into the room, to see what was going on. Bellatrix had her wand on Aislinn’s throat, demanding answers to questions about Harry. Tears are streaming down Aislinn’s face as she shakes her head, refusing to tell. My mother stands idly by, watching without a hint of worry on her face. I had to approach this carefully, or else who knows what that crazy old bat would do.

I inch my way towards the doorway, and then utter, “Immobulus,” while pointing at my mother. She stops moving, and Bellatrix looks around, wondering where the source of the spell was. She turns away from Aislinn, and points her wand around. I quickly step out and say:

“Stupefy!” I yell, and she moves out of the way. Aislinn runs around Bellatrix, grabbing my mother’s wand. I grab her hand and run up the stairs as Bellatrix is busy mobilizing my mother.

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