Moonlight-Chapter Thirteen

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~Aislinn's POV~

I sit in a chair in the corner of my dorm. Everyone was asleep, and the common room was too quiet. The rain was pounding against the roof. I hear Yolanda lightly snoring in the bed farthest from mine. Over the rain, I hear a knocking. I look around the room, suprised no one has woken up by it. I uncover myself with the blanket, my old jeans flopping slightly around my ankles.

"Draco?" I gasp, looking at Draco outside my window, struggling to hold onto the stones that held the castle together. I opened the window. I wipe my eyes as I smile brightly.

"Aislinn.." He breathes, his eyes kind and desperate. "Come with me, please. I'm about to fall." He manages to say while fixing his grip on the stones.

I feel a soft tap on my shoulder, and I turn to see Bridget smiling sweetly. "Go ahead!" She whispers, hugging me. I nod and grab an old sweater and sneakers. As I step out the window into his grasp I tightly hold down my shirt, blowing furiously in the wind.

As he smiles at me we nearly fall. He carefully climbs down, gripping me by my waist with one arm. 

As we near the ground, he looks at me and we fall onto the ground. I land on top of him. He groans and sits up, rubbing his back. I giggle and we both start laughing. As we catch our breath we walk along the lake, holding hands.

"Where did they send you?" I ask, gripping his hand tight. He sighs and stares at the moon as we walk. He looks over at me, his blonde hair messier than usual, falling over his eyes.

"Home. I'm suprised my mother didn't kill me. She was so angry she considered pulling me out of Hogwarts." He explains, giving my hand a squeeze.

"I'm glad she didn't." I exclaim, smiling at him." I sigh and look at the gloomy night. He looks over at me, worry filling his unusually gentle eyes.

He stops walking and takes my chin and lightly lifts up my head. "Are you alright?" He asks.

"I'm not sure. I hate how Harry is so protective. I wish you guys would have gotten along when you first met instead of hating each other at first sight." I say, pulling his hand off my chin.

He looks disappointed as I say this. "I wish we were, too. I wanted to be friends, but I guess people don't see me like you do." He says.

"I wish they would-"

"Hey! Anyone out there?" Filch yells.

"Hide!" We run beind some trees, and I turn around.

The forbidden forest.


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