Life Can be Good-Chapter Ten

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~Draco's POV~

I wake up in the morning, and I can't help smiling. I get up and shower, changing into a t-shirt and jeans. 

I go to the kitchen and start making breakfast, hoping Aislinn would be out from her bedroom soon. I was hoping I could take her to the garden today, seeing as she doesn't remember how much shes hates me.

As I put the food down onto the table, Aislinn comes out wearing a white, brown, and light blue plaid flannel buttoned up to around the middle over a brown tank top. Shes also wearing light wash tattered jean short shorts, and a pair of white flip flops.

I can't help but stare. I smile at her. I sit down and she takes a seat in front of her food, starting to eat. I then look away from her and down at my food, digging in with my fork.

Later in the day, I have one hand on Aislinn's back, and her eyes are tightly closed. I lead her out to the garden. "Okay, you can open them now." I say to her. She takes her hand off her eyes, and screams happily. She starts running around, laughing. I smile and lean back, with my hands shoved into my pockets.

I watch her, Maybe the real Aislinn was this happy all the time. It sometimes made me mad that I couldn't make her this.. Happy. I really messed up by earning myself a bad reputation with her.

I walked over to her, taking her hand in mine. She looked at me, and then dragged me into the tall grass and flowers. She danced around happily,  turning back sometime to see if I was still there, even if I was still holding her hand.

I smiled at her. She fell into the grass, and I fell back with her. She looked over at me, grinning brightly.


Later in the day, we were sitting on a sofa in the libary, while we both studied. A crackly radio was playing on a small round table next to us. I was sitting with a book opened on my lap, and Aislinn had her feet up on the armrest, with her head resting on a throw pillow on the seat. I wished it would've been like this from the start, but I guess it was my fault for making a bad reputation with her.

"Draco?" I turned to her.

"What is this?" she asks, pointing to a picture in the book. I was farmiliar with it.

"Ahh, a snargaluff. Rather unplesant creatures, they are. when you become a sixth year you'll have to pick the pods out of the things, most terrible job you'll ever do." I explain to her. She nods, flipping the page.

It was getting dark out, and we hadn't ate supper yet. "Are you hungry?" I ask her, closing my book. She nods and slides a bookmark onto her page, setting her book onto the table.

 I enter the kitchen with Aislinn following. She looks in the cupboard. She takes some fruity cereal out starts pouring it into a bowl. I shrug and pull out some cereal, pouring it into a bowl of my own.

We sit next to each other at the dinner table and eat silently.

After we both finish, we sit on the sofa, still studying. I have my arm thrown around her shoulder, and her feet are up, her head resting on my shoulder.

Shes seems to be exausted, but I don't notice until shes asleep. I hear a small breath, looking over to find Aislinn asleep.

I yawn and soon enough doze off myself.


I had so much fun writing this chapter! I hope you guys liked it.

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