~Aislinn's POV~

I sit in the stands, watching for Draco entering the Quidditch field. A minute or so before the game starts, I see him coming out of the changing room, being rushed to his position. Madam Hooch blows the whistle, and I see flashes of red and green as the Quidditch players zoom around the field. I see Harry, sitting on his broom and searching for the Snitch. Draco is dodging Buldgers, and I press my lips together in irritation. Why didn't Harry stop them? Oh yeah, they hate each other. Yolanda is sitting on one side of me with her eyes watching every move our team made. Bridgett sits on my other side, talking to Hermione who doesn't seem to be very interested, but acts like she is.


~Harry's POV~

I get several pats on the back as the whole team walks back into the changing room. I had caught the Snitch before Malfoy, so our team won the match. Slytherin wasn't in the game today, and everyone could tell. Once I change out back into my robes, I go to find Aislinn. I imagine she would be happy and congratulating me. But when I see her, she completely ignores me.

"She doesn't want to talk to you." One of her friends says as they all walk by.

I walk with Hermione back to the castle. "Did you think she could be angry because you broke Draco's nose?" She said, a hint of anger peeking out of that soft tone of her's.

"How could she find out about that?" I ask, doubting the fact that anyone told her. I see Hermione staring at the ground. "Hermione, did you tell Aislinn about Draco and I?" I ask dangerously.

"Harry, she really likes him! How could I not tell her?" Her cheeks are bright pink, and her eyebrows are furrowed.

"How could you do that to me?! You know that I hate Draco and you're taking Aislinn's side?" I yell, some bystanders staring at us.

"Harry, I'm not taking anyone's side! I'm just saying, consider her feelings!" She says back. Before I can say anything else, she storms off.

Great. Now Aislinn and Hermione are mad at me.


~Aislinn's POV~

The next morning is a suprisingly sunny Saturday morning. Today is the day we're going to Hogsmeade. I sit in the bathroom, sharing the mirror with Bridgett. I brush my teeth and comb my hair, making sure I don't look like a complete wreck after the little sleep I got last night.

"Are you sure you want to go, Aislinn?" Bridgett asks me, curling her hair to it's usual consistancy.

"Of course I want to go. I'm not going to let Harry upset me anymore. And I really want to see Hogsmeade, it sounds great." I say reassuringly.

She sighs. "Okay Aislinn."

We all walk down to the exit, where there is a small crowd walking through after being checked by Filch. I almost completely forgot about Voldemort, which was weird since he was a big part of me and my brother's life. But I really didn't want to worry about much right now, I was just trying to be happy and enjoy my time in Hogsmeade.

We walk down the path, the village now peeking above the hill. It was small and comfortable, and I loved it. The galleons were "burning a hole in my pocket". I just wanted to spend everything! The first place I went to was the candy shop, Honeydukes. I bought everything that my friends reccomended. I just wanted to get everything off my mind, and let my troubles be comsumed by sweets and laughter.

"This place is great, you'll love it here." Maryiln says as we walk into the Three Broomsticks. It is cozy and warm, with the faint smell of butterbeer floating through the air. There is a small crowd gathered around what seems to be a fight. The bartender is trying to break it up, and we go over there to see what is going on.

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