Amnesia-Chapter Nine

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~Aislinn's POV~

I woke up to a mild burning sensation in my throat and a pounding in the back of my head. I feel around for the Ancient Runes book that I fell asleep reading only to realize I had woken up in bed and not in the library. I groaned, rolling my eyes and practically falling out of bed, only to see a suitcase full of my clothes sitting on the floor. He would not give up, would he?

I got dressed and poked around in a final effort to find some medicine, only to come out empty-handed. I tiredly walked down into the dining room, where Draco sat, leaned over a bowl of cereal. He glanced up and his eyes followed me as I entered; I shot him a warning look and he returned to his food. I make some food and take my usual seat at the table. He now knows better than to glance up at me. I watch him, his usually neat hair falling messily around his face, his grey eyes looking more sunken and tired than before. What did he have going on?

I winced as the pounding pain advanced back into my head, and I saw Draco glance up at me but quickly retreating his eyes back to the bowl. I got up and threw away the bowl of half-eaten oatmeal. As I rinse out the bowl I hear his silverware clank and footsteps advance towards me. He comes up next to me and sets his bowl in the sink as well, "Are you alright?" he asks, looking over at me as he rests his hands on the counter.

I responded with a 'fine' in passing, and departed back to my room without giving him a second glance. I fall back into the bed, rubbing behind my ears in an attempt to relieve the pain.

A bit later, Draco silently stalks in. I know of his presence, but I simply keep my eyes closed and pretend I'm asleep to see what he'll do. He walks over to my bed, and caresses the side of my face. Just to scare him, I instantly open my eyes wide.

Draco jumps back. I smile a bit and turn my back to him by flipping on my other side, closing my eyes. I hear Draco starting to leave, but the footsteps stop and turn back. "Are you feeling alright?" He asks me.

I turn to him. "I'll be alright without your help. A bit of a head cold, thats all." I say.

"Are you sure?" He asks, nearing me with one arm crossed over his chest.

"Positive!" I snap.

"Alright." He says, walking out of my room with his head down. I swallowed, closing my eyes once more. Maybe I was being too hard on him, I mean, he had saved me from Voldemort, right? There was no way to be sure. For all I know he could be waiting for Voldemort to show up right now.


Later in the day I was feeling a bit better, and Draco hadn't bothered me since. I was once more sitting in the library and reading. this was pretty much all I did other than eat and sleep. I got up from the library and decided to explore.

While exploring a more deserted, old, scary corridor, I noticed a door at the end of a hall. I looked around. I cautiously walked over to it, opening the door. Inside was nothing less than strange. There were ripped, old sofas and broken chairs, all stacked in piles up to the ceiling.

I slowly creep around, examining some interesting objects.

"What're you doing?" I hear a voice ask me from the direction of the door, Draco! I look around and run around a pile, and I hear him running after me.

I look back to see him not too far behind, while looking back I trip on something and all I remember was a sharp pain in my head.

Gosh, whats been happening with me and passing out this week?

~Draco's POV~

I was chasing after her in the storage room, when she fell and hit her head on what I think is some kind of spring from a sofa. There were valuable things in here that she didn't need to know about just yet.

Anyways, I scooped her up in my arms and rushed her back to her bedroom. I grabbed a cloth and some bandages from her bathroom and started dabbing at the wound. I wasn't at all very good with healing stuff, but I was willing to try.

I brushed her bangs from her eyes, applying a bandage on the wound. I sure hoped she was okay.

I was sitting in a chair I placed on the side of her bed, staring at her sleeping figure. I lean over and, cautiously, I take her hand in mine gently.

Her head turns to the side, and her eyes blink open. she doesn't yell, she doesn't move her hand from mine. She simply stares into my eyes. "Where am I?" She asks me.

Oh gosh, anything but amnesia. I sighed. "You're with me, Draco." I say. Wait, this might acually give me a good second chance! I smile a bit.

"Uhm.. Okay." She says, thinking about it and then smiling in approval.

"How are you feeling?" I ask her. She shrugs. "Draco.. What happened to me?" She asks.

"You fell, and hit your head. Thats why you can't remember anything." I explain to her, stroking the back of her hand with my thumb caringly.

"Oh. I'm hungry." She says. Her eyes seem very lost, but content. I nod and get up, making some oatmeal. It took me a minute, seeing as I can't use magic freely yet.

I took it to her, grinning like an idiot.

I was getting a second chance!


Hey guys! I've been doing a lot of like, passing out scenes, but I love the thought of Draco carrying her back. ^.^

So I decided on giving Draco another chance at Aislinn, Because I wanna see them together just as much as you do. <3

Yeah, I know this is a short one, but I got two uploads in two days, woot! :D

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