Obliviate-Chapter Three

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~Aislinn's POV~

I fought hard, trying to get Draco to release his grip on my wrist. He dragged me down a dark corridor and shoved me against the wall. "Shut up." he spat, shoving his wand to my throat.

"If you made another sound, you'll be regretting it very soon." He warned, his voice sounding confident but slightly shaky. I held my mouth into a tight line and nodded. His face was inches from mine as he examined my expression, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I held my ground. I could not let him think that I was weak.

"Listen to me carefully, you stupid girl,"  he whispered, "if you tell anyone what I'm about to say to you, you will be a dead woman." I held my ground and clenched my jaw, nodding once again.

"What I need from you is information on that useless brother of yours." he said, maintaining eye contact with me, "as he tells you secrets and useful information, you will bring it straight to me." I glanced around, breaking eye contact to look around for anyone coming to help me. My eyes widened as I saw Harry slowly inching towards Draco, with Hermione peeking around the corner.

Draco, seeing my facial expression change, turned around quickly and tried to throw out a spell at Harry, but he was quickly disarmed. His wand landed on the floor next to me and I grabbed it just as Harry threw Draco onto the floor, punching him violently in the face. I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him off, Draco looking dazedly around at the two of us. "You're going to get yourself kicked out, Harry!" I said angrily, looking at him with disdain. He was out of breath and he just looked at Draco, bleeding on the ground. 

I felt a hand lightly touched my shoulder and I turned to see Hermione had stepped out of the shadows. She gave me a small smile and a reassuring nod as she pulled out her wand and pointed it at Draco's head. "Obliviate.." she whispered softly, turning and pulling her wand to take away the memories of what just happened.

I took a deep breath and glanced at Draco to see him more disoriented than before. "Come on, lets go." Hermione said softly, leading us out of the dark corridor.

~Harry's POV~

I was in disbelief. I knew that Draco was a bad person, that he was in with Voldemort. But I never thought that he would go to the extent of trying to hurt my sister. But I also didn't put it past him. It seemed like something he could most definitely do if someone pushed him hard enough. And I didn't have to ask who did that. I wanted to kill him. No matter how much trouble I got into it would have been worth it to know that Aislinn was safe.


I shortened this chapter up quite a bit; I thought there was a little too much fluff for my liking. :) again, please leave comments and suggestions below! thanks for reading :)

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