Meeting Again - Chapter One

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~ Aislinn's POV ~

I had been looking forward to my first day at Hogwarts. I was ready to finally have a place in a world where I belonged, where I could learn more about who I was and what I was capable of. And although the whole sibling matter was important to me, I was very concerned that it would overshadow anything that I ever wanted to do on my own. The idea of a relationship with my brother was the most important thing in the world to me for most of my life, but after a while, when I realized that he wasn't going to look into what happened to me, I became less infatuated with the idea.


I had spent the last few months since I found out I would finally be going to Hogwarts trying to shove all the information that I needed to function in the wizarding world into my brain. Albus Dumbledore was my only real connection, and my only window into this incredible world. I fidgeted while trying to focus on reading the most recent copy of the Daily Prophet. On the day that I could be reunited with my brother that I haven't seen in 14 years, current events didn't seem to be at the top of my list of things to be concerned with.

A soft knock on my door brought about an elderly voice saying, "Aislinn, dear, are you ready to go shopping?" I threw aside the newspaper, the animated picture on the front page still moving. I hurriedly slipped on my shoes and opened the door to see Verena, my legal guardian and pretty much my only friend since I could remember, "Yes! I'm ready. Let's go." I said breathlessly. 

Verena never told me about how she acquired the burden that was the closest thing she had to a child. Although I didn't know how she knew me or my family, I knew that she was someone I could trust with anything. She's a witch as well, and taught me everything that I couldn't learn out of a book.

She led me down the stairs and before we walked out the door, she handed me a leather pouch tied loosely with a string. "All you have to worry about with this is your wand and anything else you feel like you may want or need during your time at Hogwarts." She said to me, smiling and looking over the glasses that were low on her nose. I smiled, hugging her and whispering a 'thank you' into her gray hair. 

~Harry's POV~

The last few days of summer had come and gone and it was time for me to go back to Hogwarts for my sixth year. Being at the burrow and being able to spend time with my friends before being consumed by school was nice. We now sat on a bench mid-break from shopping. I drifted in and out of the conversation as I was thinking about what this school year was going to bring. 

Ever since Sirius died, I had been thinking about the sister that I once had. All I know about her is that her name is Aislinn and she died along with my parents. I had tried for a very long time to come up with information about her but eventually after years of no success I gave up. I couldn't stop thinking about how much easier all of this would be if I still had her.

"Harry, are you ready to go get books?", asked Hermione, snapping me out of the mushy sibling thoughts I was having, "Oh. Yes, let's get to it then." I replied, collecting my galleons and taking back to the strangely empty streets of Diagon Alley. We three all walked along with our heads down, avoiding eye contact with anyone who might recognize me and begin to whisper.

The alley had cleared out incredibly fast after everything had happened. With Voldemort being back, people were afraid to go in public places where he might attack, like what happened at the Quidditch World Cup a few years back. Seeing me here didn't help anyones spirits any, since they all knew that I was the one that he wanted.

I shook the thought out of my mind as we entered Flourish and Blott's.

~At Hogwarts~

~Aislinn's POV~

I took a deep breath and smoothed down my robes and ran a hand over my hair. The feeling of the stiff new robes didn't help with the nerves that I was already facing before I went into the moment that would most definitely change my life forever. The Sorting Ceremony.

I hoped and hoped for Gryffindor. Even me, the shut-in, knew that that was the only house worth being sorted into.

Although I was going to be going into my fifth year at Hogwarts, I was still counted as a first year, which meant that I was standing tall in a line full of eleven year olds. I took my place as many names that I cannot recall were called off, and as we got towards the end of the line the houses were getting restless and there was lots of commotion in the hall.

When it was my turn to be called up, Professor Mcgonagall motioned me towards her, not even bothering to say the names with the noise level in the hall. I took a deep breath and stepped up. She whispered a good luck and nodded at me as I sat down on the stool. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down as she placed the sorting hat on my head. Few were paying attention as it began to speak.

"A very complicated young witch.. brave and unafraid, but intelligent as well," the great hall grew quieter, as it did when the sorting hat spoke, "Oh my.. oh my, oh my.. I've seen this only once before. I didn't know there were any more Potters running about." I swallowed and saw almost everyone look up at me.

~Harry's POV~

"Harry! Did you hear what he just said?" Hermione asked me as I stared in awe at a girl not too much younger than me with the sorting hat atop her head. We made eye contact and I stood up, almost tripping over myself as I walked out of the great hall with the feeling of a thousand eyes burning into my back.

~Aislinn's POV~

After Harry and I made eye contact and he stormed out of the great hall, I gently took the hat off of my head and gave it to the professor, running out after him.

As I slipped out of the tall doors, I saw him pacing back and forth, his head in his hands. He turned to me.

"Who are you?!" He yelled, confusion in every inch of his face.

"My name-- my name is Aislinn. I'm--I'm your sister, Harry." I said shakily, taking a deep breath.

He shook his head defeatedly and smiled with relief, taking me into a tight hug, "I thought you were dead, Aislinn," he whispered softly. Tears began to roll quickly down my cheeks as I wrapped my arms around him.


After a long hug and a plan to catch up, I returned to the great hall and retook my seat on the stool. She replaced the hat onto my head with a smile and I finally felt ready to hear where I would be spending the best years of my life.

"I had the same predicament with your brother, mind you. I am confident in my decision to place you in..." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.


Maybe they would be the worst years of my life.


I'm rewriting this hopefully. Very slowly! Please tell me what you think of the style of this chapter vs the old ones. I prefer this more but I'll stick to the old story more if that's what you guys would prefer. It makes me so happy to see you all still adding this story to your library and commenting and whatnot. Please keep them coming as it helps me with what you guys want to see. Thank you so much!

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