Draco Malfoy-Chapter Two

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~Aislinn's POV~


My breath got caught in my throat. "S-s-Slytherin?" I ask, glancing over at Harry stopping immediately in his tracks of entering the Great Hall.

Before the hat could reply, it was lifted lightly off the top of my head. I walked over to the silver and green table and took a seat alone near the end of the bench. My head was down and my hands were folded neatly in my lap. I was shaking at the thought of being seperated from Harry for the rest of my time in Hogwarts, he was the only person I knew.

A boy with bleach blonde hair stepped over to me. I supposed he was a 6th year, like Harry. "Draco Malfoy." He states, offering a hand and ignoring the fact I wasn't bothering to give him the time of day. Just as Draco steps off the bench I speak lightly. "Aislinn Potter.."

I decided I will need friends if I am to make it in Slytherin without Harry. "Well then, you speak." He exclaims brightly, taking a seat once more.

"You're Potter's sister, aren't you?" I responded with a small silent nod. "Me and Pot- Harry are uhh.. Very good friends." He says akwardly. I look up to see Harry shooting Draco a death glare.

I turn to him sweetly and speak, "Oh really? Then why do I have the sudden urge to say 'if only looks could kill?'" I ask him.

His nice, soft look turns into a mean, careless glare. Draco mutters a spell under his breath, a Slytherin crest appearing on my robes along with a silver and green tie. "Welcome to Slytherin." He spits. Draco then stomps off.

For a moment my small hands clenched tightly into fists, but then they loosened at the smell of freshly cooked mashed potatoes and turkey. I might as well enjoy myself, knowing that I'm going to be seperated from my long lost brother for pretty much the next 3 years.

I selected some foods that looked better than others, the turkey already picked to the bone which was fixed by a very smart, pleasant looking girl with her silvery hair tied back into two long ponytails.

I chomped down on the food, letting all my anger flood out on my peas (And once my tongue, which felt rather unpleasant.). I was still sitting by myself, which was very hard due to the fact there was many students that were sorted into Slytherin this year. Draco sat still as close as he could to me, he was seperating me from a snobby looking girl with sleek red hair that was pretty much forcing herself onto Draco.

I had to admit, Draco was handsome. His blonde hair fell on either side of his head, small whisps falling over his gray-blue eyes that were always narrowed and scanning something. His skin was pale, but not as pale as mine which nearly appeared blue due to the thin shade of white.

~Harry's POV~

I was gritting my teeth as I ate, sending a small chill down my spine. I caught Draco trying to talk to Aislinn. I swear, if Malfoy even layed a finger on my little sister he would pay.

"Harry, you're overreacting!" Exclaimed Hermione, setting a gentle hand on my shoulder. Better than Ron, who was completely ignoring the fact I just found my long lost sister and my rival was attemping to kick-start a conversation.

"And you really need to tell us who this Aislinn chick is! You never told us that you had a long lost sister!" Said Ron, spitting bits of turkey skin on me as he said this with a full mouth.

I sighed and decided I should tell my best friends. "Well, Aislinn obviously is my younger sister." I started, gradually taking a swig of pumpkin juice.

"Her and I were seperated when Voldemort-" -I glared at several people around us who gasped- "Attacked me and my parents. Aislinn was only a couple of days old, someone must've snuck her out when he attacked, I don't know much. We didn't do much catching up out there, you know." I explained to them, staring down at my food and picking at it with my fork.

"Thats all you know, Harry, Are you sure?" Asked Hermione.

"Yeah. Its hard keeping up with your believed to be dead sibling." I said sarcastically, looking up at Hermione.

She looked away, her cheeks burning a light red.

~After Dinner~

~Aislinn's POV~

I was walking from the Great Hall, hundreds of other students flooding out with me. I should've left earlier, I wasn't looking forward to finding my way to a crowd when I came to Hogwarts.

"Aislinn!" Yelled a farmiliar deep male voice.

"Harry!" I exclaim, running through the bunch of people to try and find my way to him. There was a strong hand that grabbed mine, I turned and saw it was Harry. His two what seemed to be best friends were standing behind him, the female was smiling sweetly, the male was just staring at me like he'd never seen a girl before.

"We don't have much time, but I wanna introduce you to my friends, Hermione, and Ron." He said, nodding to Hermione- the female. And Ron- the male.

"Hello, Aislinn, My name is Hermione!" She exclaimed, offering a hand. I took her soft hand and shook it, smiling back at her. She seemed suprisingly pleasant compared to Ron.

Harry elbowed him in the ribs. "Ron!" He snapped, seeming to take Ron out of his thoughts. "Oh, Aislinn. My names Ron." He introduced simply, still not smiling or showing any sign of happiness about meeting me.

"Aislinn.." I say, my smile fading.

"Well, we all have to go unpack. I'll see you later, Aislinn." Said Harry, smiling at me. "I love you." He said, placing a small kiss on my head and walking off after I smiled back.

Once I got into my dorm I noticed all my things were neatly placed next to a large four poster bed. There were three other beds.

I shared a room with the pleasant girl with the silver ponytails- Yolanda Denholm. A nice girl with curly crimson red hair-Bridget Robards. And a lonley girl with straight jet black hair that fell over her eyes-Marilyn Goldstein.

They were all very sweet and considerate, but I knew not all the girls would be like that. Yolanda and Marilyn showed me pretty much everything I needed to know, along with Bridget who was pretty behind also. I always thought people from Slytherin were cold-hearted and nasty, but these girls were the complete oppisite.

~The next morning~

I woke up early to Yolanda shaking me. "Aislinn, get up!" She exclaimed, looming over me as the edges of her ponytails settling on my blanket "Eh?" I ask her, rubbing my eyes. "Time for breakfast!" She says, smiling. "Oh, thanks, Yolanda.." I said, smiling at her weakly, a bit tired for just waking up.

My roomates and I went to breakfast together.

"Guys, do you have any idea where the lu is?" I ask them, looking around in the thin rising of people.

They all pointed to a golden edged door, and I excused myself and walked over to it.

About halfway through the people, a strong farmiliar hand grabbed mine. It felt strange, I turned.

It was Draco, dragging me off.


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