Captured-Chapter Nine

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~Aislinn's POV~

Draco's face was the last thing I saw. But, the next thing I knew, I awoke in a soft bed. I blinked my eyes opened and looked over myself. I was dressed in a long, silky black and white lolita dress. There were several bows and ruffles on it, and it looked something I would wear to a ball. I sweeped my hand over my hair, and it was settled down onto my shoulders, a white lace bow clipped onto my hair. I was still barefoot.

I sat up; I was in a large luxorious room. The bed I was laying in was placed near the back of the room, and there was a large white double door framed with two columns, which I supposed was the bathroom. A simple white door was oppisite from where I was laying, and that I assumed was the closet. I got up, walking over to it and opening the door.

I took in a small gasp, it was filled with beautiful gowns of all sorts, but they all seemed to be very dark colors. I wasn't suprised, Draco Malfoy was belived to be a death eater, and his parents were a no-brainer.

I exited my closet, ( Yes, I took the liberty in calling it my own. ) And looked around. I supposed that I was in his house, but if I was I knew I was here to murdered or made to give information to Voldemort.

I sat on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with my hands on my lap. I perked up, hearing my door open. Draco entered swiftly. My harmless gaze turned into a hateful glare simply at the sight of him. "Please listen. You're not here for what you think you are." He said. I looked up, and nodded.

He took a seat next to me, and started. "When the Dark Lord talked about taking you away and getting as much information about you and then.. Killing you, I went to where you were staying. My parents are unaware of my current location, but we're safe here. This is not my home, if you were wondering." He explains.

I looked at him. "But why save me? You seemed so cruel at Hogwarts. And speaking of Hogwarts, why aren't you there?" I asked him.

He sighed. "I left. I couldn't let him kill you." He says. Draco seemed much more truthful and caring than he was around anyone. But I still had to be cautious.

I got up from my bed, and went out the door. I left Draco sitting there.


Later that day, I was sitting in the library, reading up on spells. Even if I wasn't at hogwarts, I still wanted to keep up with learning. Draco walked over to me with a couple of books, setting them down on the floor next to me and shoving his hands in his pockets. "What do you want?" I ask him.

He replies with walking off with his head down.

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