Captured-Chapter Nine

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~Aislinn's POV~

Draco's face was the last thing I saw. But, the next thing I knew, I awoke in a soft bed. I blinked my eyes opened and looked over myself. I was dressed in a long, silky black and white lolita dress. There were several bows and ruffles on it, and it looked something I would wear to a ball. I sweeped my hand over my hair, and it was settled down onto my shoulders, a white lace bow clipped onto my hair. I was still barefoot.

I sat up; I was in a large luxorious room. The bed I was laying in was placed near the back of the room, and there was a large white double door framed with two columns, which I supposed was the bathroom. A simple white door was oppisite from where I was laying, and that I assumed was the closet. I got up, walking over to it and opening the door.

I took in a small gasp, it was filled with beautiful gowns of all sorts, but they all seemed to be very dark colors. I wasn't suprised, Draco Malfoy was belived to be a death eater, and his parents were a no-brainer.

I exited my closet, ( Yes, I took the liberty in calling it my own. ) And looked around. I supposed that I was in his house, but if I was I knew I was here to murdered or made to give information to Voldemort.

I sat on the edge of my bed, fidgeting with my hands on my lap. I perked up, hearing my door open. Draco entered swiftly. My harmless gaze turned into a hateful glare simply at the sight of him. "Please listen. You're not here for what you think you are." He said. I looked up, and nodded.

He took a seat next to me, and started. "When the Dark Lord talked about taking you away and getting as much information about you and then.. Killing you, I went to where you were staying. My parents are unaware of my current location, but we're safe here. This is not my home, if you were wondering." He explains.

I looked at him. "But why save me? You seemed so cruel at Hogwarts. And speaking of Hogwarts, why aren't you there?" I asked him.

He sighed. "I left. I couldn't let him kill you." He says. Draco seemed much more truthful and caring than he was around anyone. But I still had to be cautious.

I got up from my bed, and went out the door. I left Draco sitting there.


Later that day, I was sitting in the library, reading up on spells. Even if I wasn't at hogwarts, I still wanted to keep up with learning. Draco walked over to me with a couple of books, setting them down on the floor next to me and shoving his hands in his pockets. "What do you want?" I ask him.

He replies with walking off with his head down.

That whole time I was still wondering if this was all a trap. I didn't know if I could trust Draco, he had been my brother's arch enemy for the last six years. He still hadn't told me why he saved me from being killed.

Anyways, I picked up a book off the top of the pile I had made and decided this was my last one for the day. I wasn't planning on doing as much work as I did at Hogwarts. If I did I would be working all day, theres a lot more of a variety there than there is here. And at least there I know where everything is. I was looking around in here for a simple spellbook and I fell off a ladder trying to reach one. That of course was taken care of by Draco with a bandage and a wet cloth, who seems to be everywhere. I don't want anything to do with him, And I'm not planning on becoming "friends" with him anytime soon.

At dinner, I sat as far away as possible from him. We both ate in silence, Draco attempted to kick-start a conversation but I simply kept quiet. After I had ate, instead of sticking around with Draco, I went to go and study some more. It was much more amusing than sitting around and look for something else to do.

I walked to the libary and picked up on reading once more. I yawned, flipping the page. The last thing I remembered was dozing off in a chair.

~Draco's POV~

Why didn't she think that I was telling the truth? I know her brother hated me, but I didn't ever try to harm her! Other than that one time at Hogwarts.. But I'm different now. And I will convince her of it no matter what she thinks along the way. I had developed feelings for her from afar. But obviously she wasn't interested in me. She didn't even want to sit near me at dinner.

I walked into the libary, it was getting late and she should've been already asleep by now. I walk over to where she was reading and find her asleep in her chair, a book opened on her lap. I smiled a bit.

I picked Aislinn up, putting a bookmark on her page and closing the book. I carried her into her room, her head laying lazily on my chest. I couldn't help myself from smiling the whole way there.

I opened the door to her room, settling her into her bed and covering her sleeping figure with a blanket. I took in a sigh and left the room.


~Harry's POV~

Aislinn had gone missing from the Dursley's. It was nearly impossible for Voldemort to have killed her, she was safer than at Hogwarts there! I swear, if Draco had anything to do with that I'd end him. I was walking to Transfiguration with Hermione and Ron on either side of me.

"Are you sure shes safe there, Harry? I mean, I'm pretty sure Voldemort knew you were staying there for the longest of time." Hermione said. I turned to her, still walking hastily down the corridor.

"I'm positive, Hermione. Theres so many muggles that for all Voldemort knows she could be in Texas." I said sarcastically. Ron laughed.

I sighed and continued walking. I thought Aislinn would be safe there, and I let her down. I feel terrible. I lost her again, this couldn't be.

Dumbledore had notified me just a couple minutes ago that the Dursley's no longer were housing Aislinn. Either Voldemort killed her during the night while she was asleep, or someone kidnapped her during the night. And I'm pretty sure that whoever did it knew I would be fuming either way.

I knew for a fact, whoever it is, was going to be dead, soon.


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