Chapter ~ 16

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Run With Me.

Chapter Sixteen.

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     “I’m going!” I growled as I opened the passenger door of my dad’s car and got out.

     He grumbled a response but I’d already slammed the door shut and began storming into school for the first time in weeks. I was pissed off at my father. He didn’t trust me to get to school by myself, so instead he insisted on dropping me off. – Like the asshole he was.

     I grumbled the whole way into the shit whole I call my school.

     “Welcome back man, I thought you’d dropped out or something.” I looked up to see Nick by his locker.

     I nodded, still steaming with anger.  What If something were to happen to Quinn today? I wouldn’t be able to get to him, seeing as I had to leave my truck at home.

     “Your old man giving you shit?” He asked.

     I shot him a look which told it all.

     “How long do you recon you’re going to have to live there?” He continued to ask as we made our way to our first lesson.

      “A few more months, up until I’m eighteen” I nodded bitterly.

     “That sucks man” Nick nodded and the conversation ended then as we both took our seats for the lesson to begin.

     By the time lunch time came about, I realised something wasn’t right. I was immediately on edge when I looked over to the table Wesley and the rest of Quinn’s pack usually sat at. No one was there. I gulped, immediately dropping my food on our usual table.

     “You alright?” Nick asked but I didn’t respond, I just continued to stare at the empty table.

     “Is Marcia here today?” I wondered; I would have normally seen her by now.

     “Dunno” He shrugged and then went back to eating and flirting with whatever girl was sitting with him.

     I gulped and then went to find my phone. – It wasn’t there.

     “Shit, man have you seen me with my phone today?” I asked slightly frantic as I patted down my jean pockets. Shit where is it?!

     I ran my hands through my hair as he shook his head.

     My heart started to race un-rationally. Who knows why I was getting so uptight about not having it on me. I mean it was just a phone; I wasn’t some chick who can’t go a day without one. But this time something told me that something wasn’t right and without my phone I couldn’t get hold of Quinn’s pack, or Marcia.

     Immediately my mind was thinking up the worst possible scenario to why all of them had called truant today. What if something had happened to Quinn? I hadn’t seen him in two days. Could he have taken a turn for the worst?


     By the time the bell rang indicating the end of lunch, I had all but persuaded myself that it was nothing; the pack was probably having a pack meeting. I mean, it wasn’t unusual for Klaus to pull us out for a day on pack business.

     By the time I was sitting in my next lesson, that mind-set began to waver. I decided that I needed to see him just to make sure he was alright.

     “Hey Nick?” I grabbed hold of his attention, not even caring if the teacher heard; nothing she could do or say would stop me from leaving.