Chapter Thirty Six: We'll Find Him

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Silence filled the TARDIS after the Doctor's question. No one seemed inclined to go out and explore, not after all the crazy bumps and spinning. Finally, Worf decided to take it upon himself to initiate what he knew had to be done. "What are we waiting for?" he asked as he strode towards the door. A little chagrined, both Doctors fell into step behind him, followed by Baymax.

Worf unbolted the door and pulled it open. If he was expecting to see some inter-spacial type of environment, he was sadly disappointed. "We appear to be in the city," he announced as he pulled out his tricorder and scanned the area.

The view from the TARDIS actually looked into an alley, the non-street side of the alley at that. And, from what anyone could tell, they were jammed in tight between two buildings. "I am detecting readings similar to this vessel," the Klingon informed as he took several steps out onto the concrete.

"If I am not mistaken," Baymax spoke up as he followed Worf outside, "we are not too far from where Hiro reverted to a much younger state."

Both Doctors strode out of the TARDIS, sonic screwdrivers in hand as they also scanned the area. "I do believe you're right," the one with the bow-tie confirmed. "Only we're on the opposite side of the alley." He strode forward a good dozen or so steps, then turned around and jumped into the air.

"What do you think you are doing?" Worf questioned as he watched the Time Lord with unease.

A smile lit up the jumping Doctor's face. "I thought as much," he commented to no one in particular. "We're back to back with the other TARDIS."

His companion looked up sharply. "What?" His expression was decidedly a mix between shock, potential horror, and disbelief. But it quickly dropped to a more neutral expression. "Are we really?" He moved to join the other Doctor and jumped up a bit to see that yes, there really were two TARDISes right next to each other. He could see the light from the other one if he jumped up at the right angle. "You mean to tell me she brought us to her older incarnation? Somehow that doesn't seem normal."

"Newer," the bow-tied Doctor corrected. "Newer. Remember? I regenerated so this," and he circled his face with one hand, "is newer, which means my sexy thing is also newer."

"I don't think that's how it works," the other Doctor countered.

Worf impatiently cleared his throat, causing both to turn and look at him. "I don't mean to be rude, but could someone please explain to me what is going on and what this all means."

The Doctor with the brown coat smiled in a funny manner. "Isn't it obvious? The TARDIS wanted us to be here at this exact moment. What most people don't know about the TARDIS is that she's an intelligent being capable of so much more than just space travel."

Baymax chose that moment to waddle between the three men. "My scanners indicate that another member of our group is nearby," he stated.

"Who?" Worf demanded as he was reminded of the reason why he'd left the manor in the first place. "Could it be Q?"

Both Doctors turned to look at the Klingon. "What makes you think it could be Q?" the bow-tied one asked as he looked curiously at him. "Has he gone missing?" he asked, forgetting he'd already heard the answer to this question.

Baymax tilted his head to one side as he contemplated the data of his scans. "I am uncertain," he admitted. "However, Q did leave the manor this morning. It is possible I am detecting his presence."

"Not good!" the blue-clad Doctor said at the same time as his companion as they both jumped to run out the far end of the alley and around. Worf and Baymax followed after them as they sped through the next alley over to double-back to the front side of the one they'd just left. "I hope you brought the key!" the blue-clad Doctor declared as they stopped in front of the second TARDIS.

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