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Star Trek Oneshots by MMBatarang
Star Trek Oneshotsby Mishi BD
Just some cute little One shots bout you and the crew. BTW some will be reader inserts some will have a name pre decided.
  • kirk
  • worf
  • chekov
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Star Trek Reader Inserts: Book One by VulcanRose2401
Star Trek Reader Inserts: Book Oneby VulcanRose2401
Exactly as the title suggests, this is a compilation of short reader inserts for Star Trek. *points to title* See? You can read, right? Good.
  • odo
  • jakesisko
  • readerxcharacter
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-discontinued- Star Trek x reader fanfiction  by Echjustwanttodie
-discontinued- Star Trek x reader...by ryan
Here's some Star Trek (TOS/AOS, TNG) x reader fanfiction! Enjoy!
  • trek
  • chekov
  • star
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Q's mistake by TFALokiwriter
Q's mistakeby Ivy
A story in which Q brings back I-B to the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Started: 8.15.2015 Completed: 8.16.2015 at 3:57 PM. Book 2 of 2. Extra chapter ad...
  • action
  • worf
  • klingon
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Star Trek: TNG:  Hiccups by Yel-Ashaya
Star Trek: TNG: Hiccupsby Yel-Ashaya
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek. RIP Gene Roddenberry. Commander Data discovers yet another strange feature of humans ^_^ This is set in season one, where the crew mem...
  • startrek
  • data
  • worf
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Star Trek: The Next Generation - "The Haunting of Orgala 512" by Scott_Reeves
Star Trek: The Next Generation - "...by Scott Reeves
It's Halloween on the Enterprise, and Data begins seeing phantom crew members.
  • next
  • picard
  • short
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worf x child reader by starwarsisawesom
worf x child readerby Sunny Downing
I don't own star trek to tos to news one. I only own my character her name is Ch'teth Kurtossi. if I miss spell the word please tell me.
  • startrek
  • worf
Star Trek The Next Generation : Lost Signals by RayFinn
Star Trek The Next Generation : Lo...by Crank Cuffin
An unknown signal from the depths of space bring the crew into a danger they had never known existed. Cast Captain Jean-Luc Picard William T. Riker Data Dr. Beverly Crus...
  • picard
  • riker
  • next
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Generations [ON HOLD] by EnderstarMC
Generations [ON HOLD]by Bree Skyler
Bree and Jade are transported back, seventy five years later. They find themselves aboard the Enterprise D. When Q comes aboard and claim Jade is a Q and gives her power...
  • worf
  • picard
  • tng
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Flames Through Space by _Nightflame_
Flames Through Spaceby Pfft,I don't need no name.
Nightflame has been contacted by Starfleet, a group from another demention that she hasn't spoken to in many many years. Someone managed to slip the news to the Federat...
  • starfleet
  • startrek
  • worf
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Star Trek The Next Generation: The Life They Never Knew by DocterStrange40
Star Trek The Next Generation: The...by Captain Marvel
Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew assemble a group of friends and prepare to reveal a secret that will change the lives of the entire Federation.
  • enterprise
  • picard
  • data
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Star Trek - Die dunkle Seite der Macht by Epiker95
Star Trek - Die dunkle Seite der M...by Clemens
Star Trek-trifft-Star Wars-Fan-Fiktion, Die USS Enterprise befindet sich gerade auf einer wichtigen Mission, als da plötzlich Q auftaucht und der Crew ein neues Problem...
  • startrek
  • sternzerstörer
  • trek
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STAR TREK - The Fourth Law by RogerioPietro
STAR TREK - The Fourth Lawby Rogério Pietro
To combat the borg collectivity, Starfleet develops a special class of warships. Such spaceships have an insurmountable shield based on teleportation. This shield transf...
  • robotics
  • jean-luc
  • generation
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Deanna and Spock: A Cinderella Space Odyssey by ThatDisneyGurll
Deanna and Spock: A Cinderella Spa...by Chrissy Tinkerbell
Deanna Troy was having a normal psychic Day facing off against the forces of evil and telling patients to stop staring at her boobs, until she gets trapped on the holode...
  • disney
  • romance
  • starwars
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Star Terk: Early 21st Century by MarianaGarcia750
Star Terk: Early 21st Centuryby Mariana Garcia
A few years after the Domain war. Many people die for the federation. The federation need people to help out or to work with them but how? Picard and his old crew gets t...
  • geordi
  • ezri
  • startrektng
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SPODERMANS RETRN by Dolanizmisenpai
SPODERMANS RETRNby Dolanizmisenpai
  • dolan
  • troof
  • worf
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I'm a Potato... That's all there is to it really... Why am I writing a diary you ask? Well the answer is simple; I have a story to tell. A story that all started in a f...
  • potato
  • worf
  • zeroisawesome
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When the three lanes do not begin by TFALokiwriter
When the three lanes do not beginby Ivy
Takes place technically after the events of Q-squared for Q but really in the time loop where it is happening for the first time to Trelane in his assigned quarters. ...
  • picard
  • family
  • star
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Star Trek The Rise of the Titan by KatieSian3
Star Trek The Rise of the Titanby Katie Sian
  • deanna
  • picard
  • worf
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