Chapter Eleven: What Were You Thinking?

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Baymax waddled down the street as he followed his young charge. Strictly speaking, he probably should have informed the others of their plans, but he figured Hiro couldn't get into too much trouble by going about on his own, especially since he planned on heading directly to the Lucky Cat Café. It was home, and that usually meant staying out of trouble.

Okay, who was he fooling? Despite knowing things had happened in the past, both at the café and other places, Baymax had no real way of determining what would and would not be constituted as a "good idea" when it came to the unknown. After all, he had encouraged Hiro to do things that most adults wouldn't allow more than once. Maybe that's part of why Hiro liked him so much.

"If I can get more information from Aunt Cass and anyone else who saw this phenomenon, I might be able to form a better idea of what happened," Hiro explained as they walked. He wasn't sure if Baymax was really listening or not, but it helped him to think by talking out loud. After all, he wasn't sure yet what was going on, if anything.

The incident might have just been someone pulling a prank. It wasn't unheard of, especially not with the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology nearby. But he couldn't recall hearing anything about any of his fellow classmates working on anything like that. Though it was possible there was some kind of holographic projection involved, he couldn't entirely dismiss the sinking feeling that alien tech was somehow to blame.

Hiro was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't paying attention to where he was going and totally ignored the lack of a crossing signal. Thankfully, Baymax pulled him back in time to avoid his getting hit by a car. The driver was not so pleased and honked, making a rather rude gesture, but Hiro was too absorbed in his own thoughts to pay it any mind.

"I highly recommend paying closer attention to your surroundings," Baymax said as Hiro narrowly avoided running into a fire hydrant. "Your air of distraction may lead to unintentional bodily harm."

That comment seemed to pull Hiro out of the clouds and back down to earth. He slowed his pace, coming to a stop as they came upon another crosswalk. "Sorry, Baymax," he apologized. "I'm just trying to figure out what's going on. I mean, it could just be nothing. It could be a lot of things. I just don't know."

Baymax lifted a finger in the air as the walk signal flashed green. "May I suggest postponing further contemplation until all of the facts have been gathered? I would prefer we arrive at the café with all of your functions intact."

Hiro laughed at that. "You've been talking to that Data guy, haven't you?" He shook his head in amusement as they crossed the street. "He's an interesting individual. Honestly, I wouldn't mind learning more about him. The possibilities associated with the technology he represents are endless! Not that I'd want to take him apart or anything," he added almost contritely. "That would be like taking you apart and that's somehow just wrong."

"I would also prefer not to be dismantled," Baymax agreed. "I am sure Data shares those sentiments."

Their conversation came to an abrupt end as they rounded the corner across the street from the café. Nothing seemed wrong, no matter how much Hiro scanned the area. "Baymax, do you detect anything out of the ordinary? Any unusual energy readings or activity?"

Baymax stationed himself in a spot that would allow the largest view of the street. He slowly scanned the area, including the individuals walking, driving, and simply residing in the prescribed area. "I do not detect anything that would cause concern," he reported when finished.

Hiro sighed as he patted one vinyl arm. "I was afraid of that," he admitted. "Come on. Let's go talk to my aunt. Maybe she can tell us more about what's going on."

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