Chapter Twenty: What's Going On?

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Hiro leaned over Baymax's massive shoulder as he peered out at the city below. The robot stood on one of the many floating wind turbines that helped power the city. They'd often gone up to one or another of the massive machines to look for someone, or simply because they could. It was a nice place to get away from everything but still feel like a part of something. And it was one of the first places Baymax had taken him after their first test flight.

Carefully, Hiro adjusted his position on the robot's back. Even though the electromagnets were strong, he didn't want to take any chances. A fall from that height would likely end in death by suffocation or heart attack long before he hit the ground. If Baymax didn't catch him first. All the same, he didn't want to press his luck. He'd had too many close encounters already.

"Okay, buddy," Hiro called out. "Let's see if we can find him."

Baymax looked out over the city, executing the program that allowed him to scan every individual in the city almost all at the same time. All he had to do was match one of the people down below with the information stored in his memory. And since he'd scanned Q when they'd first met him, he felt confident he'd find the man with little trouble.

When his first sweep didn't produce anything, the robot turned to face the other end of the city. He had more success from that angle. "I have found Q," he announced as he pointed towards the far end of town.

Hiro squinted, as if he'd be able to see the man from their high vantage. "Details, Baymax," he reminded when he couldn't see anything outside of the towering shapes of buildings and the lower hints of the suburbs beyond.

Reminded that his companion couldn't see like he could, Baymax rattled off the location of their target. "You get that?" Hiro asked over his headset.

"Got it," Wasabi answered. "Heading there now."

Hiro nodded, even though he knew Wasabi couldn't see him. "Good. We'll be over there shortly." He settled back down into a somewhat hunkered position on the robot's back, making sure his electromagnets locked in place. "Okay, Baymax. Let's go."

The robot activated his thrusters and they were off.


Wasabi turned another corner, getting more annoyed the further from Fred's place they got. Empirical evidence only confirmed what he'd already discovered: Klingons made the worst backseat drivers on the planet. Even though he knew speed probably counted for something, he refused to go above the speed limit. Not to mention he made sure to use the appropriate turn signals, and stopped at every red light, even before it turned red.

For his part, Worf sat in the front passenger seat with his arms folded as he scowled. While he encouraged following rules, there were times were it was appropriate to disregard them. He thought now was one of those times. They had to find Q before he caused more problems.

"Coming up on Third Street," Wasabi reported over his headset. "Still don't see him." He looked from one side of the street to the other as he slowed down just a bit. It wouldn't do to accidentally hit one of the many cars lining the streets. He'd already replaced his small van at least twice. He didn't want to have to do it again. Insurance wasn't cheap, even if it wasn't his fault.

Static sounded over the headset as he hunkered over the steering wheel. "Got it. Take a left. He's somewhere down the next street," Wasabi repeated for Worf's benefit. Or maybe it was for his own. He did show some signs of distress, something Baymax would have commented on if he had been in the car with them.

Overhead, the cherry red figure hovered a good dozen meters in the air. It swooped towards the next block as Wasabi made the turn. And, making a wise move on his part, didn't mention anything about Wasabi's current mental condition.

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