Chapter Twelve: Suit Yourself

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Aunt Cass let out a sigh of frustration. Several hours had passed since the incident, though she was no closer to understanding what was going on than she had been when it first occurred. And there was video evidence of it happening, thanks to a film student practicing with his camera in the area.

Things had slowed down at the café. It was more of a lull before the lunch rush, but it allowed her to sit down with her nephew and watch the event on the news. They were treating it as more of a student's prank than anything, but somehow Cass wasn't convinced. "You're sure that's not one of your experiments, or one of your friends?"

Hiro watched the screen like nothing else existed. "Pretty sure," he replied as he watched the replay. So far this was the only incident reported. That could mean it was a singular even, or that it was the only one people had actually said anything about. It wouldn't be the first time such an event had been ignored, simply because this was San Fransokyo and the students at the Institute were prone to doing rather silly things to the public, either on dare or because an experiment went wrong.

"Baymax, can you record that for further analysis?" he requested the healthcare bot, still not looking away from the screen, even though the news anchor had switched to another story, something about a reenactment in some such or other park. That would at least explain the strange man still dozing off in the corner of the café.

Baymax swiveled his head slightly. "I have already done so," he stated, reminding Hiro he was programmed to record all information he came in contact to, with the sudden hint that such information included anything potentially useful to the Big Hero team, and not just for healthcare reasons.

Hiro patted the robot with an absent-minded gesture. "Thanks buddy. I want to analyze that down in the lab. See if I can't come up with any ideas. It would have been so much better if I'd seen it with my own eyes."

Cass shook her head as she smiled, reassured that her nephew had not been the one responsible for the incident. "Don't work too hard," she admonished affectionately as she wiped up the table they'd been sitting at. She had a lunch rush to get ready for, after all.


"How about this one?" Honey Lemon asked as she held up a blue cotton blouse. It had short sleeves and tassels on the front.

Deanna Troi glanced at the clothing item and shook her head. Part of her wished she had access to her closet back on the Enterprise. But, seeing as that wasn't possible, she hoped to go with something at least similar to what she was used to wearing.

So far they'd found several pairs of nice slacks, mostly in black. The main trouble was finding some kind of top that Deanna felt both comfortable in and that wasn't too flippant in nature. Not really for flaunting, some of the styles present on the racks weren't exactly what she was looking for.

GoGo watched the exchange with folded arms. Her style was fairly easy going, biker shorts under a pair of shorts or similar, a t-shirt, and the customary black leather jacket. Of course, that wouldn't exactly do for their guest. "Why don't you just go for some plain shirts?" she suggested as she moved to one of the racks.

"That is more like it," Deanna commented at the simple design of a shirt the shorter girl held up. It had a V neck cut with three-quarter lengths sleeves. And though it would be a bit form fitting, it wasn't skin tight, which was a plus. And the fabric flowed well. "Does it come in blue?"

It had been some time since the ship's counselor had last done any real shopping, especially for clothes. And, despite her usually modest demeanor, she found she was rather enjoying herself. "I also wouldn't mind something in dark purple or red."

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