Chapter Six: Agree or Disagree

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Picard looked around the room once more, feeling more than a little out of place. With two of the planet's natives staring at them, he couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable. It was obvious that at least the male didn't approve of them. He wasn't sure about the female yet.

"So," the captain began, trying to break the awkward silence Hiro's absence seemed to create, "why don't you tell us a bit about yourselves? For example, how is it that someone as young as Hiro came to be in charge of this rather unusual group?"

Wasabi frowned even more, arms tightly folded across his chest. "That is classified," he replied. "Look, I appreciate that you're trying to get to know us a bit better, but would you please just stop? You're only here because Hiro thought it was a good idea. And quite honestly, if it was up to me, I would've gone with option one and just sent you to one of the local hospitals."

His little speech gave all three visitors cause for surprise, though it wasn't necessarily unexpected. They were strange people in an equally strange land. And Picard rather thought this individual in particular was the least trusting of the group. "My apologies," he said instead of pushing the subject. "We never meant to intrude."

Baymax observed this conversation, along with Data, who stood near him. The robot looked up at Wasabi's comments, blinking. A quick scan showed that Wasabi's vitals were a bit elevated, though they were decidedly consistent with the outward emotions he was showing. "Had we gone with this option," the vinyl marshmallow reminded, "it is quite likely events would arise that would be unpleasant to all."

Wasabi rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Just call me when everyone turns their brains back on." He turned on his heels and stormed out of the room.

Data looked up at Baymax, who was only a little taller than he was. "It would seem that your companion is unhappy with the situation he finds himself in."

GoGo chose that moment to pop a gum bubble quite loudly. "That would be an understatement," she corrected. "I won't pretend I agree or disagree with him," she added. "Honestly, I don't think any of us thought the day would end this way. None of us were expecting to come across a bunch of aliens. The last time may have ended well, but there were a lot of complications between that didn't."

"I see," Data said, understanding written across his face. "While your previous encounters may not have necessarily been bad, many things occurred that make any memory of those occasions overshadow the good."

The adrenaline junky unwound her arms from her chest with a sigh. "Something like that. Let's just say that the last time we encountered something extra-terrestrial Hiro almost died. It's not exactly something we want to repeat, especially not since he's just getting back on his feet. So I'm just going to put this out there, if you do anything to hurt Hiro, or anyone else in this group, I will personally take you down."

Picard couldn't help but take a partial step back as GoGo moved into his space, finger pointing right at his face as she gave her warning. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Worf reach for his phaser so he quickly waved a hand to stop him. "Understood. We wouldn't dream of trying to hurt any member of your team. We are a peaceful people. Our main goal is to return home."

That answer seemed to satisfy GoGo as she stepped back to lean against the dividing wall. "Good. Just remember that."

At that moment, Hiro returned, Honey Lemon behind her. "I've printed off a brace for your companion's arm," he announced as he held up the apparatus. "This should keep her arm stabilized enough to heal properly." He walked over to Baymax and handed him the device.

Baymax seemed to observe the object, and then nodded. "That should be sufficient. I would like to remind you, however, that it will be difficult for me to perform the necessary tasks while still in my armor."

Reminded that his robot was still in battle gear, Hiro resisted the urge to smack himself. "Right," he said instead and went to remove the giant gauntlets covering Baymax's arms. The rest of the suit followed, which he stacked to one side. "How's that?"

"That is much better," Baymax replied. He then turned to Data who stared at him in fascination. "I would ask your assistance," he announced. "Please secure the patient while I apply the brace."

Data quickly complied, holding Deanna's arm in position for the printed material to be applied. He watched the robot most carefully as he placed the brace on his companion's arm, noting the care with which that action was taken.

"Rotary movement should be limited," Baymax instructed, "until the bone has had sufficient time to mend." He straightened up as his patient began to make groaning sounds. "The patient is regaining consciousness."

Hearing that, Picard stepped forward. "Deanna," he said with a tenderness reserved for friends, "can you hear me?"

The woman groggily opened her eyes, wincing as she moved her uninjured arm to her head. "Captain," she managed. "Where are we?"

"It's alright," Picard soothed. "We're safe."

Deanna tried to sit up a little, with Data aiding her. "What happened? The last thing I remember was you carrying me in the caves. Then there was a bright flash of light."

The captain nodded. "That was compliments of Q," he confirmed. "He helped us vacate the vicinity."

That announcement seemed to cause apprehension in Baymax's patient. "Your heart rate has accelerated dramatically," the robot announced.

Deanna looked up at the robot with some measure of alarm, which she quickly tried to calm. She couldn't feel anything coming from the vinyl-covered machine, though he did look rather non-threatening. "We seem to have fallen into interesting company, Captain," she said, trying to mask her trepidation.

Picard placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's alright. We're among friends." He glanced back to the rest of the group, particularly GoGo. "I hope."

"Please refrain from over exertion," Baymax instructed as the counselor moved to a more upright position. "You are suffering from a mild concussion and a broken arm. It is recommended you try to remain calm."

The ship's counselor glanced questioningly towards Picard as she mentally scanned the emotional atmosphere in the room. "Captain, who are these people?"

Hiro took that opportunity to step forward. "I'm Hiro," he introduced. "We found you in the woods and had you brought here."

"It would seem that Q has transported us to an alien planet, perhaps as part of some joke," Picard said wryly. "These people brought you here for medical attention."

All eyes turned to the doorway as Fred returned, wearing more "normal" attire, well, normal for him. He had on a baggy t-shirt and pants, wearing a beanie with an eyeball knitted into the design. "Hey everyone. Just thought I'd let you know Heathcliff's put together a little something if you're hungry. I can either ask him to bring it up here or we can do down to the dining room."

Realizing Wasabi was missing from the group, Hiro looked around to find him. When that didn't produce results, he shrugged. "Let's go down," he suggested. "There's more room that way." He turned to his vinyl companion. "What do you think, buddy? Is your patient okay to move?"

Everyone seemed to consider the healthcare robot as he assessed his patient. "All vitals are stable," he reported. "I do not believe there will be any complications. I would like to continue to observe her condition but do not believe moving around will cause any further injuries."

"Oh, hey," Fred said, pulling out a bandana. "Why don't you use this as a sling until we can get one." He handed the fabric square to Hiro who passed it to Data. The android quickly tied the fabric for the ship's counselor.

"That's settled then," Picard said, straightening his uniform. "If you would be so kind as to lead the way, we'll follow."

Hiro glanced between Fred and the rest of his team. "Why don't you go ahead and take them down and we'll join you? As much as I love staying in gear, I'm sure the others wouldn't mind dressing down."

Fred nodded at that. It was only fair. He knew how uncomfortable sitting at a dining room table could be when wearing formal attire. "No problem," he replied. "We'll meet you down there." He turned to their guests. "If you'll follow me." He gave a sort of bow, trying to imitate Heathcliff and failed miserably, though it didn't seem to bother him as he strode out the door.

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