Chapter Twenty Four: Go Looking

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For dinner, Heathcliff had prepared something more along the lines of kid favorites. Despite his endeavor to serve something more "normal", the macaroni and cheese wasn't the kind from a box, but was obviously gourmet made. And the chicken nuggets that accompanied them were shaped like little dinosaurs. That was Fred's suggestion. And the peas were nice and green, but buttery enough that even an eater as picky as Hiro could enjoy them.

While at the store, Honey and Deanna had insisted on getting some kind of booster seat so Hiro could reach the table without having to sit on a pile of books. The little chair was strapped securely to the larger piece of furniture so it wouldn't slide. Hiro was not amused by the little seat belt they insisted he wear, just in case. At least they hadn't suggested he use the tray that came with it and had moved the whole ensemble as close to the table as possible.

Even with those precautions, the area in front of Hiro got kind of messy. It wasn't that he tried to make a mess. It was just one of those things. With his coordination somewhat encumbered by smaller limbs he had yet to get used to, it was bound to happen. That and he had a hard time scooping anything up with the tiny fork and spoon they'd given him. It was bad enough that Fred and brought out a bib large enough to cover his front, but he supposed if he looked at it like one those bibs at the all-you-can-eat lobster places, he could imagine away the indignity of it all.

Picard and Q seemed less than amused by the shaped chicken nuggets, but at least the captain didn't comment. Q, on the other hand, had to have his say on the matter, muttering on how childish it was to have shaped meat products. And why were they so obviously catering to the little brat making a mess over at the other end of the table? Couldn't they move him to another room so the "grownups" could eat in peace?

The loud smack of GoGo's hand making contact with Q's face shocked everyone to silence. All conversation stopped as they turned to stare at the red welt rising on the impudent man's face. "That's my friend you're talking about," GoGo said in a tightly controlled voice. "If you have something to complain about, say it to me. Leave him out of it. He didn't choose this, okay? Back off."

Q's eyes went wide as he was told off by the spitfire athlete. He couldn't help but cringe as she raised her hand once more, the back of her knuckles less than half a meter away from his face. If she let lose, it would hurt more than the first smack did. "Well you don't have to be so snippy about it," he complained.

She raised her hand a little higher, her eyes narrowed, lips drawn together in a stern line. "Care to say that again?"

Looking more than a little affronted, Q stood from his seat. "Well I never!" With that he stormed out of the room.

The moment he was out of sight, GoGo let her arm fall back to her side as she returned to her seat. "Jerk," she muttered under her breath.

Worf eyed GoGo with a sense of approval. This one had fire in her and the idea of fighting alongside her in battle made his blood pump. She was a true warrior.

Slowly, the dim mumble of voices filled the silence once more. Silverware clinked off of plates as GoGo stared sternly around the table in general, daring anyone else to comment about Hiro's handicap. When no one took up the challenge, she picked up her cup and took a drink.

Feeling the danger was past, Honey looked around. She had to resist the urge to wipe cheese sauce from Hiro's face, even though the little tyke had a good mustache and beard going on. She noticed he'd given up on the fork and spoon and opted to use his hands instead. She made a mental note to request either a washcloth or a wet wipe to clean him up later.

The general talk returned to current events, mainly all the odd reports of random things happening around the city. Wasabi was all for believing half of it was provided by bored college and high school students. Some of the incidents just sounded too hinky for anything else.

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