Chapter Forty: Unable To Determine A Cause

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Under Baymax's careful instructions, partly from an illustrated guide presented on his stomach, Data managed to correctly insert an I.V. catheter into the back of Hiro's hand. Due to Baymax's enlarged fingers, he was unable to perform the procedure himself. And, with Honey's help, the android was able to finish the task without incident. Once inserted, the healthcare bot instructed him on how to attach the I.V. line, having him wrap the boy's hand in tape and gauze, using a small board to keep the limb immobile to keep the feed from becoming dislodged.

Data had discovered he could interface with the Wi-Fi network and essentially download the necessary data required to perform whatever Baymax requested of him. So while he understood that Baymax had provided guided illustrations for each procedure for his benefit, he did not need them. He did feel, however, that they were useful to Honey Lemon, who continued to assist him since they had been unable to contact Dr. Jones, whoever he or she might be.

Honey had only felt a little nervous with the whole process and felt more than a little relieved that all she had to do was hold Hiro's wrist in a certain position to make inserting the needle that much easier. She knew it was necessary, especially after Baymax's announcement that Hiro was severely dehydrated, along with realization that the toddler hadn't eaten in some time. Just how long, she didn't know, though she could make a guess.

"It is important for Hiro to receive nutrients in some form," Baymax informed both of his helpers. "I will need further assistance to insert a nasogastric tube through his nasal cavity down into his stomach. The other option is to introduce a gastrostomy tube directly into his stomach through his abdominal cavity. As I am uncertain how long Hiro will remain unconscious, I would prefer to start with the nasogastric tube. It is the less invasive of the two processes."

Accessing the necessary information on the two procedures, Data found he had to agree. Going for the first option, they were less likely to cause further complications with the young boy's health, something he felt sure they all wanted to avoid. Quickly looking around, he found the necessary equipment stored in various bins and drawers. One thing was certain, they kept a well-stocked trauma room. "I have accessed the necessary information to perform this procedure," he announced as he finished setting out the necessary equipment, making sure his hands were clean and gloved. "If it is all right with you, I will begin."

When Baymax gave his assent, the android instructed Honey to make sure Hiro's nasal passages were clear by using an aspirator, which essentially reminded her of the snot bulbs hospitals gave to new mothers, to suck up any mucus or other debris from within the nasal cavity. While she did this, he measured the required amount of tubing, marking the end. Then, he asked her to hold him upright so he could properly insert the tube. With a detailed, real-time visual of Hiro's internal structure; he fed the appropriate tube end down through the boy's nasal passage and to his stomach, something that he would have been unable to easily do otherwise while the boy was unconscious. Thanks to that visual imaging, he was able to avoid the potential of accidentally inserting the end of the tube down Hiro's trachea, something that would have caused more problems than they wanted to deal with at the moment. Once the tube was in place, he taped the exposed end down so it lay across Hiro's face and curled around his ear where it was less likely to get tangled or caught on something. That, and it was less likely it would become dislodged by any sudden movements or pulling on the tube.

"Thank you," Baymax said once everything was in place, inspecting the tape to determine if it would cause any undo discomfort to his young charge. Satisfied, he then asked Data to attach the tube to the necessary equipment to begin introducing nutrients back into Hiro's body. "I believe it would be wise to allow Hiro to rest for a while," he intoned once everything was set and sorted. He didn't want to overwhelm his patient's ability to cope by overdoing things. Aside from which, with the requisite nutrients entering Hiro's body, it was best to let him rest quietly to ingest the concentrated formula for at least an hour before doing anything else.

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