Chapter Thirty Two: Working On A Strategy

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Q couldn't believe his luck. There must have been something going on in another part of the manor that allowed him to slip out of the place undetected. Not that there weren't a few close calls, because there were. He'd almost run into the butler but managed to avoid that debacle at the last moment.

Deciding to try his luck with the nearest of the two blue boxes, he headed for the garage area. The oversized wooden crate sat there as if it didn't have a care in the world. Q knew better. He might not have his powers, at present, but he could feel a sense of sentience coming from the thing. But, when he tried to open the door, all he got was a few splinters for his trouble.


The sound of a clock ticking filled the silence left by the Doctor's announcement. Even after Wasabi's outburst, there had been silence. The clock struck the hour, ten loud gongs echoing down the hallways.

"What he means to say," the blue-clad Doctor spoke up, "is that's what we think. But it does make sense, if you really think about it. There had to be some instigating force. I somehow doubt Hiro would have requested a do-over unless he had no other choice."

Picard rolled his eyes. "A do-over? The only person I know who would ever give the possibility of such a thing is Q, and he's currently without his powers."

Data looked thoughtful as he observed the two Doctors, both of which still stood in the center of the open area of the room. "Not necessarily," he corrected. "It is entirely possible there are entities inside this universe that share similarities with Q. The idea is theoretically sound."

Deanna crossed her legs, ignoring the tantalizing scent of the food Heathcliff had prepared for them. "But Data, that essentially sounds like you're comparing this alien entity, the Makt, to the Q Continuum."

Before Data could open his mouth once more, the bow-tied Doctor took up the narrative. "While that's entirely possible, from what you've told us about that individual, we gathered he was more like us." He pointed toward himself and his companion. "There are, of course, a few minor differences."

Picard stood to refill his tea cup. "While, of course, you make an interesting argument, I fail to see how that's possible," he inserted. "Q is an all-powerful being who can manipulate time, space, and matter at will."

"Data's not the only one who thought Q sounded like the Doctor," Fred interrupted. "Am I right, guys? I mean, we were all thinking it when we first met him. Of course, as you said, there are some differences. But I think there are a few things about these two that you guys don't know yet. Go ahead and tell them," he urged.

The two Doctors exchanged glances with each other, then understanding dawned on them both. "Oh, right," the blue-clad Doctor said. "We never did tell them that did we?"

"You know, I think you're right," his companion agreed. "We didn't. Now's just as a good a time as any. After you." He gestured for the other to go first.

With a bit of a bow to acknowledge the motion, the blue-clad Doctor cleared his throat. "Right. Hiro's group already knows this, though I don't think they entirely understand all of it yet, but my companion and I are what you'd call Time Lords."

"Which means," the other continued, "we are from a species charged with the protection of all time and space."

"Simply put, we're the Guardians of Time," the other finished for him. "Well, with the exception that he and I are the same person. And there used to be a whole planet of us, but that's another story for another time."

GoGo moved to the table to pick up a muffin. While all this talk was fascinating, she was decidedly hungry and wasn't going to let anything get in the way of eating. Not now that her headache was finally subsiding. "I sort of figured you guys, when combined with the Makt, and the TARDIS, would probably be like this Q guy."

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