Chapter Forty Three: No Mistake

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Fred and GoGo met Wasabi halfway up to the command center. In fact, they almost ran right into him. "Hey, man, you okay?" Fred asked the physics student, who seemed more than a little wobbly on his feet. "Maybe you should, I don't know, sit down?"

"Mmm," GoGo agreed as she reached out a steadying hand. Wasabi looked like death warmed over, she thought, definitely not a good combination. Had something else happened while she'd been comforting Fred? Probably.

Wasabi nodded almost absently as he sank down into the stair behind him. "Yeah, sit down. Sitting down is good," he rambled. "I just need to sit down and calm my thoughts, take it all in and breathe it all out. Yeah."

Honey chose that moment to join them, looking more than a little concerned at Wasabi's state. "Did something happen to Wasabi?" she asked the other two.

Fred shrugged, not sure what to make of this odd behavior. "No idea. We just happened upon him on our way up to check on Hiro and the Doctors and found him like this."

His words seemed to give Honey a bit more energy than before. "The Doctors are back?" She couldn't help but smile hopefully at that. "Maybe they can figure out what's wrong with Hiro!"

Wasabi closed his eyes, one hand over his face now. "They already figured it out," he confessed. "Hiro has to reintegrate all the memories he shut out after repeating his time line trying to save Tadashi. If he doesn't, the universe as we know it will end."

GoGo couldn't help but pop a bubble as she stared incredulously at him. "Are you serious? How is that even possible? Are you sure you heard correctly?"

"No mistake," Wasabi confirmed as he bent to put his head between his knees. He still felt faint and a bit dizzy. Everything kept piling up, and while he knew it had to be a million times worse for Hiro, he didn't even want to contemplate what that might mean for the team as a whole if something really bad were to happen. Enough had happened already. "I heard it directly from the Doctors' mouths."

Honey couldn't help but let out a slight gasp at that. When she'd left Hiro and the others upstairs, things had seemed at least stable. Of course, now that she had a little more information, she couldn't help but wonder just how this had all happened. She was tempted to march right up there and demand an explanation but didn't. Wasabi wasn't doing so well and someone had to stay with him. It wasn't that she doubted Fred and GoGo would know what to do, but there were probably enough people around Hiro right now that they didn't need any more joining the party.

GoGo contemplated what they'd just heard. While Wasabi usually had a hard time with things not going in the expected way, she hadn't actually seen him quite like this before. However, she had her own problems to deal with, like defining a relationship. Not that Wasabi's concerns weren't valid, but everyone had to deal with their things in their own ways. "Fred," she turned to her companion, "weren't you going to go see the Doctors? I thought that's why Heathcliff told you they'd gotten here."

The otaku looked up sharply at that, reminded of his original destination. "Oh, right. Yeah, we were going to do that." He glanced over at Honey. "Hey, think you could keep an eye on Wasabi? I mean, I'm sure he's going to be okay and everything but maybe someone should stay with him until he calms down or something?"

Honey nodded. While Wasabi wasn't physically freaking out, chances were good he was having a hard time dealing with the information he'd divulged. And she knew if someone didn't keep an eye on him, he might go into a full out panic attack. It was always wise to have someone near at hand to talk him down if that happened. "I can do that," she affirmed as she took a seat next to the physicist. "You do what you need to, okay?"

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