*19 - Sita Rescued

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Rama, Rama, the dutiful son,

Sita, Sita, the loyal wife,

Trijata, Trijata, the Rakshasa friend,

Ravana, Ravana, the Ten-head Twenty-armed obsessive Daemon,

Vibvishana, the brother of Ravana with Dharma,

Indrajit, Indrajit, the son of Ravana, Warrior of allusion.

Let your story be told.

Bells Ring! Bells Ring!

Rama, Rama is an earthly man.

Loyal wife Sita serves his will.

The heavenly poet stopped his singing and lute playing, the gods and goddesses reclined on the clouds, looking at Lanka

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The heavenly poet stopped his singing and lute playing, the gods and goddesses reclined on the clouds, looking at Lanka. Valmiki stares into his bowl of water; a storm comes the wind blows the leaves on the trees and the fire dance in the sounds. Sita with her twin boys listening tells about the last and final battle with Rama.

~~~~~~~~~~~Sita sighs,"Yes, the death of Daemon Ravana."

Trijata comes into the garden where I pay to Indra and Angi to guard and protect Vishnu and Lakshman. "Sita, the invisible warrior, Indrajit, came to defend his father, shamed after Rama, who wounded his many heads and arms. Indrajit using the fire of Agni, as his boon from Brahma, called his invisible chariot and his all the snake arrows of speed, Rama struck by many arrows, and Lakshman seems to be dead, many injured and dying."

Dizzy with fear I faint to the ground. Trijata holds me, "Sita, SITA, dead but not death allusions created by Indrajit. The children of the animals have powers.

"Hanuman, Bear King, and Vibhishana still lived.I will travel to see what happened."

I raise my arms to the heavens, "God Indra. Rama seeks your venues. Protect Rama." I look into the fire, " Angi, "God of Fire, I pray to you, help Rama and Lakshman with Indrajit and his magical boons from Brahma."

The wasp buzzes; I awake from my meditation. Trijata appears. "Sita!"

"The warriors healed. Bear Sashena instructed Hanuman to bring the herb, Sanijabani, back from Mountain Kailasha in the Himalayas to save Lakshman and the rest. Hanuman brought the whole mountain and placed it on the battle ground. The herb healed the warriors.

Then Indrajit flew into the field creating your image and cut off your head; Rama collapsed. The same trick Ravana played on you with Rama's head."

"These are evil allusion Ravana's son plays to win a battle."

"My husband, Vibhishana, knows how Indrajit called on God Angi, who must obey the boon for Brahma. He takes Lakshman with Hanuman to the cave to prevent Indrajit from doing his incarnations to Angi. I go to spy in my wasp form."

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