The Seam Sorceress by leighheasley
The Seam Sorceressby leigh
"There's not a whole lot of magic left anymore, is there? The witches are melted, Cinderella's dead, and the Wolves are endangered. The fey left."...
  • adventure
  • wholesome
  • magic
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The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian S V E T A
Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, faeries, elves, and sorcerei fight for domi...
  • wattpride
  • magic
  • romance
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Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths and Folklore by DarkAngel758
Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths DarkAngel758
Some of the urban legends and myths of the Caribbean.
  • frightening
  • folktales
  • caribbean
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Omega Moon by shay7447
Omega Moonby shay7447
Genevieve has been alone for most of her life but her life changed when she accidentally attacked one of the male wolves from the closest pack which also happened to be...
  • love
  • curse
  • species
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The Calling (ON HIATUS) by TonyBella123
The Calling (ON HIATUS)by Tony
Russia, 1781 is a time where monsters lurk and murders in the snow are just a common occurrence. A place where the capture of a young girl can ultimately lead to the end...
  • fantasy
  • darkfantasy
  • monster
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The King and the War Dancer by TONYANN
The King and the War Dancerby Rona
#150 in short story on 17/04/17 A not-so-nice fairytale where Prince Charming is actually a ruthless king and the princess-in-distress isn't really a princess, more of a...
  • romance
  • dance
  • seduction
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My 8th-grade passion by brynisafan
My 8th-grade passionby Bryn
In 7th and 8th grade, my class had to write an IWP or Individual Writing Portfolio. We were to edit and put our favorite and our best work into this. This is my 8th-grad...
  • creative
  • writing
  • review
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Fun bedtime stories for children, loosely inspired by Cornwall's vibrant, magical folklore. Please let me know what you think - constructive criticism welcome!
  • folklore
  • humorous
  • hallowen
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Tales By Moonlight  by blackxbelle
Tales By Moonlight by timmie
In the olden days, and even in some rural villages, after dinner, the little children gather around the elders to hear some of the stories about legends; kings; gods and...
  • kings
  • magic
  • story
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Spun Again 2: Telemark by joyceholt
Spun Again 2: Telemarkby Joyce Holt
Retold folklore from Telemark, Norway. Main source: Tussar og Trolldom, by Kjetil A. Flatin, with Tov Flatin, 1991
  • folktales
  • telemark
  • flashfiction
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The Unquiet Grave: Murder Ballads and Laments [NEW!] by MinaParkes
The Unquiet Grave: Murder ♡ Mina ♡
Death is a common theme in traditional folk music. Some songs recount a tragic death and the grief of loved ones left behind. These songs force us to contemplate our own...
  • grave
  • folklore
  • love
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Listen To My Deadly Lullaby (Shizaya: WARNING! YAOI! DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ!) by GlinteHjelm
Listen To My Deadly Lullaby ( GlinteHjelm
He just hummed a silly love song. The raven didn't expect for so much chaos to happen because of that. And neither did he expect why. . Siren!Izaya Shizaya Fanfic. WARNI...
  • durarara
  • gay
  • shizuo
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The African Folktale  by let_alpha_write
The African Folktale by Alpha Writes®
Folk tales and myths serve as a means of handing down traditions and customs from one generation to the next in Africa. For several generations, stories from Africa hav...
  • stories
  • africa
  • folklore
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When Dead Boys Sing by ShyBananaMuffin
When Dead Boys Singby Too Sexy For Myself
Aurora Lowry's life turns upside down prior to the tragic death of her best friend. She isn't the same happy-go-lucky girl she use to be. Believing that their daughter...
  • boyxgirl
  • strong-female-character
  • love
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short fantasy story's by Pferds
short fantasy story'sby Pferds
Short stories with my own little twist and Ideas I hope you enjoy them!
  • mystic
  • folktale
  • lesson
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Bluebeard's Wife by FandomReader14
Bluebeard's Wifeby Kayla
Grace Bisset is just a sixteen-year old girl that loves to read and escape her lowly, boring life. But when her father strikes a deal with her terrifying neighbor, she h...
  • 16thcentury
  • death
  • suicide
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Twisted Tales by TheGreatSphinx
Twisted Talesby Azula Mai
Neverland is dying. China has been brought to its knees. The secret police have a tight reign on Wonderland. A beast in a red cape is terrorising the town. W...
  • fairytaleretelling
  • aliceinwonderland
  • neverland
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Bedtime Disney Stories by n1khl1thn1kk1
Bedtime Disney Storiesby Nikholith Nikki Montero
Disney stories + inspirational short stories The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Peter Pan...
  • princesses
  • disney
  • princes
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Raja Sirao dan Sembilan Pangeran by BettyVeve
Raja Sirao dan Sembilan Pangeranby BettyVeve
Raja Sirao gelisah. Langit sudah memberi tanda. Hanya ada satu dari sembilan putra yang ditakdirkan untuk menggantikannya.
  • indonesia
  • folktale
  • fantasi
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Heir of Demise by ainigmaikos
Heir of Demiseby ainigmatikos
"We're all in our private traps. I was born in mine; I don't mind it anymore." "You should, how else are we going to get out?" "I do, I just say...
  • greekmythology
  • jealousy
  • werewolf
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