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The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian St...by S V E T A
Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, faeries, elves, and sorcerei fight for domi...
  • love
  • creatures
  • mythical
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The Girl That Fell From The Sky by Stewpidley
The Girl That Fell From The Skyby Stew P. Idley
A little girl falls from the sky loosing her memory. Adopting a new home she eventually sets out on a journey of self discovery.
  • monsters
  • wonderland
  • mystery
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Ayya by TruptiKini
Ayyaby Trupti Kini
A short story of my great grandfather
  • shortstories
  • lightnovel
  • indian
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The Jar: A story about Hōja by Junkle
The Jar: A story about Hōjaby Junkle
This is my version of a, as far as I know, really common story among many Balkan countries and cultures close to East Europe. Neither do I know the origins of this story...
  • πιθάρι
  • humor
  • folkstories
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Austin bae mahone by priscillamahone74
Austin bae mahoneby priscillamahone74
Your all I ever need baby your Amazing your my
  • beckyg
  • folktales
  • fiction
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Folklores of Flausear by Jewel007
Folklores of Flausearby Jewel007
Legends. Mysteries. Beginnings. These are what make up the stories in this book. Enjoy!
  • folklore
  • magic
  • fairy-tales
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the bear ➛ an Inuit Folk Tale retold by -astromii
the bear ➛ an Inuit Folk Tale reto...by -the duo heroes
once upon a time... there was a hunter named Amaruq, who had gone and angered the god Nanook by killing off his descendant, Nuliajuk. He was sentenced to starve...
  • inuit
  • spiritual
  • folktales
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A Thousand Pearls by faisalalabdulhadi
A Thousand Pearlsby faisalalabdulhadi
  • morality
  • jinetes
  • folktale
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Meme Indonesian Folklore Series: Sangkuriang Badluck Brian version by UtaHime5
Meme Indonesian Folklore Series: S...by Uta Hime
This is my first story written in English. I hope that this will make a lot of people know some folktales from my country, Indonesia. The first story I choose is Sangkur...
  • folklore
  • dayangsumbi
  • tangkubanperahumountain
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Swedish Folktales! by SwedishDorkk
Swedish Folktales!by αgиєѕ
We all know Sweden. The birthplace of Pewdiepie, part of Scandinavia, and a place of some pretty cool historical places! But did you know that it can be home to some pre...
  • myth
  • folktale
  • sweden
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the.      PRINCESS       and.     the.     WARRIOR by JanaFelemban
the. PRINCESS and...by Jana Felemban
{ a Mexican folk tale } Not far from Mexico City, two mountains, only five miles apart, rise more than 17000 ft into the sky. One is an inactive volcano, Ixtaccihuatl...
  • folktale
  • princesss
  • mexican
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Mermaid stories by Carol_GF
Mermaid storiesby Carol_GF
Have you ever seen a mermaid? This is a collection of short stories all around the mermaid myth. You will find beautiful women luring men into their den. Or maybe a Bra...
  • fantasy
  • mermaids
  • iara
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The Crane Wifes by PutriGunawan
The Crane Wifesby PutriGunawan
adaptasi dari lagu 'Feathers Across The Season' a.k.a 'shikiori no hane' siapa yang nggak kenal cerita balas budi burung bangau? Tsuru, seorang Dewi yang ingin membalas...
  • romance
  • anime
  • japan
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Thunder by gregrichardsauth
Thunderby Greg Richards
Uggrs Trek, Ancient Gods lost in the Modern World ... Norse Gods Adrift. A Narrative Verse Tale of the things we've lost.
  • poetry
  • mythology
  • folktale
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The Wind in the Willows by yuko3502
The Wind in the Willowsby yuko3502
The Wind in the Willows began as bedtime stories and letters addressed to Grahame's troubled son, a sickly boy known as "Mouse" who possibly inspired the wilfu...
  • classic
  • folktale
  • moral
The Horned Spirits Lonely Song by theunfinishedangel
The Horned Spirits Lonely Songby theunfinishedangel
Penelope a girl whom lives in a small village, located in France somewhere between dreams and reality, has isolated herself for years after the death of her father. Her...
  • folklore
  • fantasy
  • folktale
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The Celtic Elf ghost game by LunaWhitegrass
The Celtic Elf ghost gameby Luna Whiteglass
A celtic horror folktale/ghost game that will probably give you consideration and nightmares at the same time. Please read, and consider trying it out...
  • elves
  • folktale
  • celtic
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Lost and Found by LolValskii
Lost and Foundby LolValskii
|Reader x Hanzo| (Red Riding Hood story reversed)
  • hanzo
  • folktale
  • overwatch
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