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Omega Moon {Completed} by shay7447
Omega Moon {Completed}by shay7447
BOOK SERIES PUT INTO ONE BOOK Genevieve has been alone for most of her life but her life changed when she accidentally attacked one of the male wolves from the pack, she...
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Crissa's Mate by Califia
Crissa's Mateby Califia Montalvo
Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to...
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The Fourth Piper by Tweeter109
The Fourth Piperby Brianna D.
EDITING The kingdom of Eracelli is failing. The daughter kingdom of the beloved Emperor is finally falling apart from the outside in. The rival kingdom Cetador circles E...
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Over the Moon by Ruechari
Over the Moonby Ruechari
A fun collection of romantic stories involving such characters as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Miss Muffit and so many more you will recognize set in Modern Times...
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One Thousand Furs & Other Tales by relevy
One Thousand Furs & Other Talesby R. E. Levy
Folklore is a canvas layered by generations of paint, this collection of YA LGBTQ+ fairy tale retellings, seeks to add another. Trans princesses, Ace witches, and non-bi...
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The King and the War Dancer by TONYANN
The King and the War Dancerby Rona
#150 in short story on 17/04/17 A not-so-nice fairytale where Prince Charming is actually a ruthless king and the princess-in-distress isn't really a princess, more of a...
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Saving The Realm of Tales: Golden Dawn by SweeTherapist
Saving The Realm of Tales: TheTherapist
In a world where all fairy tales fall into a single plot, from the glass slippers to the poisonous apples. Maleficent and The Fairy Godmother lost their power and dissol...
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The African Folktale: Collection Of Tales [Completed] by let_alpha_write
The African Folktale: Collection Alpha Writes®
Folk tales and myths serve as a means of handing down traditions and customs from one generation to the next in Africa. For several generations, stories from Africa hav...
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Seven Deadly Sons by SophieSlape
Seven Deadly Sonsby Sophie
There are many millions of parallels. Worlds living and breathing at the same time - time doesn't even exist, 18th century England is living and breathing alongside the...
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Japanese Mythology by A-Boss00
Japanese Mythologyby A.M Garvie
The stories of the Japanese shinto religion. The story of creatures and God's as well as different stories of Japanese folklore
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Mystery Of the Olko beads by Kuts123
Mystery Of the Olko beadsby Atro Universe
One thousand years ago, the Yakunko tribesmen came into the possession of powerful rock known as the Inka seed, which granted them an extra-ordinary gift known as the Ku...
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Into the Woods: A Collection by aNecromantic
Into the Woods: A Collectionby Diana Stone
A collection of original fairy tales inspired by the classics. --- HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Cautionary/Cautionary tale (June 2020) #18 in Tales (June 2020) #121 in Fairyta...
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Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths and Folklore by DarkAngel758
Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths DarkAngel758
Some of the urban legends and myths of the Caribbean.
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Bedtime Disney Stories by n1khl1thn1kk1
Bedtime Disney Storiesby Nikholith Nikki Montero
Disney stories + inspirational short stories The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Peter Pan...
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The Prince of Pirates: A Robin Hood Retelling by Pennywithaney
The Prince of Pirates: A Robin S P
- They said his destiny was to become a king; he chose to become a prince among pirates instead. - Crown Prince Alexander never liked nobility. He didn't like the lies...
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Stories my Grandma told Me by Real_dammy16
Stories my Grandma told Meby Odekanle. R. Funso
Stories my Grandma told Me is a wide variety of African tales which I believe we will enjoy.
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Wolves At The Door by Sam_Castle
Wolves At The Doorby Sam Castle
I was eight years old when the Huntsman found me, cowering in my grandmother's house, about to be eaten by a wolf. Maybe you've heard the story. Everywhere I go, the tow...
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Red and White and Black as Night by Ladysausten
Red and White and Black as Nightby Ladysausten
In a dark world of loss, treachery, and violence, whom can you trust?
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Ojuju Kalaba by AmbassadorsNG
Ojuju Kalababy Ambassadors Nigeria
The Nigerian folklore horror contest is open for entries!
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