|°| Fōkutēru Burijji |°| by animal-trainer
|°| Fōkutēru Burijji |°|by -`ˏ Aruma Todoroki ˎ´-
❝ Tears is more painful then a cut with a sword. That's why, no matter what, I won't fall. ❞ A poor, depressed girl had just lost her mother, his sister too careless to...
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  • adventure
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Swedish Folktales! by SwedishDorkk
Swedish Folktales!by αgиєѕ
We all know Sweden. The birthplace of Pewdiepie, part of Scandinavia, and a place of some pretty cool historical places! But did you know that it can be home to some pre...
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  • folktale
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