8 - Dancing Tiger

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Tiger dreams from his cave admiring the red leaves of the Oaks and Maples. His paw healed because of the kindness of the Maiden. He thinks about his adventures.

The Guard of the West left his spirit in Korean when looking for a jeweled fish for the Heavenly Princess. Tiger rose to become the King of the Beast. When the Heavenly Prince came to earth and asked Tiger be the first man, Tiger, not want to be a man he was happy as he was and left the mountain for his long journey. After years of fun, Tiger decided to come home; only he rested too long in a rice field in the Mountains. Lucky for Tiger, three shamans revived him. He was hungry, and they were tasted delicious. In a cage, he was carried high up the Mountain. Tiger finally broke the cave and hiked over the Mountains into Korea.

Tiger knows to find the Heaven Prince or the Bear Maiden is not likely. The Carver resembled the Prince. The Miller, what a horror, did also resembled the Prince. The Maiden who fed him while his paw healed seemed and talked exactly like the Bear Maiden, and she did say Bear Maiden was her Grandmother.

Tiger stretches his ear, drumming in the distance! Sounds the Heavenly Prince play. Could this be? Then walking up the path is the Heavenly Prince with his two-waisted drum. Happily, Tiger wakes from his dream, and he dances behind the Heaven Prince.

The young Musician had no idea a tiger danced up on his hind legs behind him. The lad strummed the drum given to him by his father, Dan Gum, a gift from the Bear Maiden, his Grandmother. He went from village to town to village playing, singing, and telling stories for a few coins. He had a happy life, making others joyful as his father wished. He is to meet his brothers and sister in three years to see how they faired after his father's, Dan Gum, death.

Turning around, the young Musician spies Tiger. Stepping backward careful while beating the drum and singing he continues to the next town. All the villagers laugh when they see a risky, furious Tiger dancing. They toss many coins at the young Musician and Tiger, who finds he is not the villain of greed, crudity, and selfish as he once was.

In next town, when Tiger dances and more money thrown, and to Tiger meat, which he enjoyed. While watching the entertainment a young maiden stands on upstairs baloney. The Musical and the maiden fix stares on each other. Then she disappears.

The magistrate of the village appears with his daughter, he bows to the Musician and asks, "Sir of great talent and owner of the magnificent tiger, would you stay in our village?"

The Magistrate bows Tiger, "This tiger can be our mascot, and Musician may live in a cottage I have for free. The Guard of the West and King of the Beast, as I see, a tamed tiger will bring us fame."

The Musician bows to the Magistrate, "Such kindness from an offer, how will I fed my Tiger?"

Observing Tiger and noticing longing faces of the Musician and his daughter, the Magistrate answers, "Stay our village as your home and travel where ever and as ofter as you need for your coins. The Tiger will be the guest of our butcher at my expense. "

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