*13 - Indra's Anger!

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Bells Ring!

Holding hands and arms to the heavens to delivery Sita's story, I ask:

Narada, the heavenly poet of Brahma's mind;

Brahma, the Creator;

Shiva, the Destroyer;

Prithivi, Earth Mother, from whom the Shakti energies of Deva dwell;

Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune, who became Sita, loyal earthy wife of Rama;

Vishnu, the Preserver of the worlds, who became Rama, and earthy King to destroy the ten-headed twenty-armed Daemon Ravana;

And evil Daemon Ravana a human man of pride and greed, and lived in the South on the Island of Sri Lanka.


Rama, Rama, the dutiful son,

Sita, Sita, the faithful wife,

Ravana, Ravana, the ten-head twenty-armed daemon,

Let the story be told.

Life was good, plentiful passed through time

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Life was good, plentiful passed through time.

Sita's twin sons have grown into their early teen years.

Valmiki looked into Brahma's bowl of water. The fire crackles. Sita and her twin boys sit by the old hermit. The boys urged, "Tell of Rama, the great King Rama, our father." Sita said, "Yes, My Lord Rama."

Valmiki presses a clay table and with a sharp stick to script the words for the Ramayana.

The heavenly poet, Narada rested on his cloud among the worlds, heaven, earth and ocean, and the underworlds, and played his lute and singing.


Ravana, the ten-headed twenty-armed daemon, his generals, and son Meghanada attacked the Heavenly Palace housing the poets, musicians, singers, and dancers and where the golden Ganges began and flowed into Shiva's hair. The heavenly palace and the city of Indra, the thousand-eyed God of the Heavens Palace destroyed.

The gods watched from their heavenly positions, the earthly gods came from their temples, and the demons watched from the underworlds.

The creator of the worlds, God Brahma in meditation to keep time alive stood on his floating lotus flower, which was connected to Vishnu belly button. He turned his head to the noise and in between flashes of light God Brahma disappeared.

The protector of the worlds, God Vishnu, who on his bed of Lotus flowers on top of his serpent, who floated on the waters of the milky way, woke from his dream. And I, Lakshmi, Vishnu's loving wife, who rubbed my lord's feet, could not believe my eyes or ears.

The Recycler of the worlds, God Shiva, who was in meditation on his mountain-top in his ring of fire stepped down and watched with his bull, Nanda. His wife Praviti and son Gansha, an earthly god, who visited his mother, came to the entrance of their mountain cave and watched startled in disbelief.


Anger drove Indra, the thousand-eyed God. On his white three-headed elephant Airavata, he rode to God Brahma, who sat on the lotus flower waiting. As Indra passed the heavenly poet Narada, he strummed his lute and sang:

"Rama, Rama is an earthly man. Loyal Sita serves him with her heart."

Indra stops and faces poet Narada. Thunder and storm came from his mouth, "Who put you up to this, of course, Brahma, you're are his poet."

"I am to help the earth Sage, Valmiki, write the epic poem, the Ramayana, of man and animal who defeat the ten-headed twenty-armed Daemon Ravana."

Indra charged his white three-headed elephant Airaveata to Brahma, who waited on his Lotus. "Brahma how could you?" Lightning flashes, rain fell, and winds pushed around Brahma.

"Well, I was impulsive, Ravana is my great, great grandson, a Rakshasa. How did I know when I gave him the boon that no god or demons or natural disasters could kill him and that his ten heads and twenty arms could grow back, he would conquer and possess the three worlds."

"Brahma, the ten-headed twenty-armed Daemon Ravana took my heavenly palace and all the poets, singers and music. My wife and her father escaped and hide in the deep oceans. Why, do you do this? Why?"

"I make mistakes. Ravana wanted to be human. I explained he was of human birth and must die an earthly death. There are the humans and the animal to conquer. Ravana had no concerns about them saying men and animals were worms beneath him."

"Why do we have you as the creator, old God, you have no memory nor want any?"

Brahma said to Indra, "I also free you from a dark illusion." 

"What?" Dark smoke blew from Indra's month."Old god, you're senile."

"You were in an allusion, in a dungeon, that Ravana's son, Meghanada wrapped around you during the battle. I removed it. Meghanada asked for a boon, so I granted him one."

"Brahma, what was the boon this time, more defeat for me?"

"I changed his name from Meghanada to Indrajit."

"GREAT! Indrajit! My oppressor!"

"Well, he wanted a large chariot, drawn by four lions by chanting to Agni's fire. And special arrows, I think snakes, that tied up his father's enemies. Oh, yes, and to be invisible in battle so only seen by the Rakshasas."

"From the anger of all the gods, Brahma, what have you set-up?"

Brahma stretched and yawned, "Vishnu can help. you."



Sita, the beautiful, faithful, loyal wife of Rama,

Sita who served Rama with her heart.

I tell your story as best I can.

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