*16 - The Obsessions of Ravana

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The great Hindi Ramayana is a story of dharma, of a son's duty, and loyalty to father's words, regardless of the consequences. A story of how the God Vishnu, protector of the worlds, and Lakshmi, his loyal wife came to save the world from Ravana, the ten-headed twenty-armed daemon who conquered the three world.



Rama, Rama, the dutiful son;

Sita, Sita, the loyal wife;

Lakshman, Lakshman, faithful the brother;

Trijata, Trijata of the Rakshasas who befriends Sita;

And Ravana, the ten-head, twenty-armed daemon, who conquered the three world.

Give me permission and guidance to tell your story.

Give me permission and guidance to tell your story

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Valmiki looks into Brahma's bowl of water. The fire crackles bright and hot. Sita and her twin boys, Lava and Kusha sat by the old hermit, Valmiki. The boys urged, "Tell us about Ravana, the ten-headed, twenty-eyed, twenty-armed Daemon, the evil Emperor of Lanka."

~~~~~~~~~~~Sita sighs,"Yes, RAVANA, his ruin."

Valmiki words on his clay slab.

As I sat in the garden right after Ravana threatened me, and notice a young woman, not ugly as the Rakshasas look at me with sorrow in her eyes. I saw her next when God Indra came and told me to but the blade of grass between myself and Ravana.

Then Trijata brought me soap and food. She told me of her dreams of Rama being in Lanka, and I did not wear the clothing of a widow. I was safe because Ravana had three curses on him.

I was cautious at first, then Trijata became my friend.

Each time we visited Trijata brought me a gift of fruits, perfumes, or fresh vegetables, I finally asked the question, "Where did Ravana come from, and why the ten heads and twenty arms?" Trijata said, "This is a long family history from God Brahma, I will tell the best I can."

Brahma created the couple called the Rakshasa who came to earth to guard the waters. The male named Sukesa, they had three sons: Mali, Sumali and Malayan.

Because the brothers wanted wealth like God Shiva, the Palace of Lanka was built by the Great Heavenly Architect, Viswakarman, Lord of the Arts.

The Rakshasas' Lanka became crowded and the people became prowlers who said murder teachers and hunters in the forests. And worst rumor to eat them and take their lands.

Heavenly poet Narada was grumpy because of the cries of the humans in the forests of Dandaka. He challenged one of the grandfathers, who swallowed the poet. The grandfather had a burning fire in his stomach. The poet angered, sang to Vishnu, God of Protection for help.

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