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The Inseparable Princes by Ramayana_lover
The Inseparable Princesby Pragyaparamita
One of my favourite things about the Ramayana is the relationship that the brothers - the sons of Dasharatha - share with each other. Just imagine how hard it must have...
The Prince of Ayodhya-The Ramayan Through Short Stories by Mochis4lifeq52627
The Prince of Ayodhya-The Ramayan...by 𝐀𝐲𝐨𝐝𝐡𝐲𝐚 𝐊𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢
Ancient India. Treta Yug. Approximately 1.6 million years ago. A dutiful crown prince exiled from his kingdom for fourteen years. A loving wife who follows him, and is...
The Story Of Prince Ram (Completed) by LeoEaton
The Story Of Prince Ram (Completed)by Leo Eaton
*Under major edit* Ayodhya's precious gem put to trails by treason and treachery. Follow Prince Ram as he undergoes various obstacles in his life while he struggles to u...
Lakshman's Mila by Siyagargi
Lakshman's Milaby Siya
The selfless sacrifice of Urmila and Lakshman for the greater good. The proof that true love can sustain anything.
Lakshman's Daughter by sathu98
Lakshman's Daughterby Sathu
DISCONTINUED! Highest Ranking: #70 in HISTORICAL FICTION Queen Sita ends her life as she becomes unable to tolerate the bad-mouthing and injustice rendered to her by he...
Raghili by mythooolover
Raghiliby Stargazer
Ramayana It's not just a word but a world of it's own. War, pain, bloodshed, betrayal, wait of years, revenge, ego, dharma, agony and what not. Ramayan is always assoc...
Photo Gallery of Siya Ke Ram  by Rithushree
Photo Gallery of Siya Ke Ram by An aspiring writer
Contains my various collections of Pictures Of the Famous Star Plus TV Show Siya ke Ram. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update schedule: Every Wednesday and Friday. ~~~~~~~~...
Memories: A Ramayana Story [ON HOLD] by Raghuvansham
Memories: A Ramayana Story [ON HOL...by JaiSiyaRam
Three bodies, one soul Anshas of Tridevi Given life by Tridev Students of Mahakaal Taken diksha from Lord Narayan himself The most beautiful creation ever by Brahma The...
The Broken Prince by Vaikarthana06
The Broken Princeby Vai
Ramayana... The story of Ram... He was the hero, the warrior, the brave, the worshipped... But does that mean all others was secondary characters who supported Ram with...
Love Story of Lakshmila - The Love Story Of Sacrifice And Devotion 😍😍 by sportschamps7
Love Story of Lakshmila - The Love...by APOORVA SINGH
Love story with the vision of the meeting. ❤ 1.First meeting with fierce 😍 2.Second meeting with teasing 😍 3.Third meeting with attraction😍 4.Fourth meeting with resp...
Ananda Anurakti by VibishaLakshman
Ananda Anuraktiby 𝕊. 𝕍. 𝕃𝕒𝕜𝕤𝕙𝕞𝕒𝕟 (ON...
(This is a work of pure fiction) Ananda: Sanskrit word for bliss or happiness Anurakti: Meaning fondness, love, or devotion. ... "The one who loves al...
|| Chaturdasham || [ Ramayana ] by PadmaVaasati
|| Chaturdasham || [ Ramayana ]by Alamelu Maatangi
"Bhrata Bharata, this is where my Lord resides, and where He does, there I do too," said Urmila, praying to the beautiful Raama Paaduka placed for worship, her...
Project: Epics of India by fanficssareelovee
Project: Epics of Indiaby FANACCOUNT
A scientific, epic based, experience based, and self study based articles and stories on the various characters of two main epics of India , Ramayana and Mahabharata. T...
Kadambari Utsav by MythologicalMagic
Kadambari Utsavby Mythological Magic
This book is a collection of all the one shot weavings done by the members of Mythological Magic which reflects certain events from the lives of the Epic heroes, which a...
A Fickle Thing Called Love by VibishaLakshman
A Fickle Thing Called Loveby 𝕊. 𝕍. 𝕃𝕒𝕜𝕤𝕙𝕞𝕒𝕟 (ON...
"It didn't matter, Vishnu thought, love was a fickle thing, and cursed or not, it hurt either way." --- Rama told himself it didn't matter that Sita had left h...
Balkhand days by lkjhmn1
Balkhand daysby lkjhmn1
Fan fiction of our beloved four boys none other than Vishnu himself.. Ram, Lakshman,Bharat, Shatrughan. Narrating a few adventures about them and exploring their beautif...
|| Aarambham: Connections Of Love || [ Chatursheetihyi Dharmastaphna ] by PadmaVaasati
|| Aarambham: Connections Of Love...by Alamelu Maatangi
[ Book 1 of the Chatursheetihyi Dharmastaphna ] "Chaturasheetihi," chanted the parents of the Universe, Their words a symbol of upcoming Spring, the Infinite...
Parichay-TheMythologicalMagic by MythologicalMagic
Parichay-TheMythologicalMagicby Mythological Magic
Mahabharata with the essence of Krishna Leela, and Ramayana with the divinity of Ram Leela are the revered and cherished epics of India. The morals and values they impar...
Panchakanya ✅ by vishnu_mithra
Panchakanya ✅by writtenbyparmitha
Panchakanya is The Five Iron Women from Hindu Epic. The First one Is Ahalya from Ramayana, Draupadi from Mahabharatha, Kunti from Mahabharatha also, Tara from Ramayana a...
The Kuru War: A Mahabharata Fiction by DevanshMaheshwari
The Kuru War: A Mahabharata Fictionby Devansh Maheshwari
Krishna has ultimately fulfilled the prophecy of slaying Kans and ending his callous rule over the ancient kingdom of Mathura. A land split by a prehistoric conflict bet...