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Just For You My Love - JFYML  by vishnu_mithra
Just For You My Love - JFYML by ❤️ꜱᴜᴍᴇʟɪᴋᴋᴀ❤️
All Rights Reserved Awards: 1.WINNER OF BEST FICTITIOUS LOVE STORY ON RADHAKRISHNA AWARD from Brindavanamali Awards of Mahabharathian Team. (14/04/2020) ________________...
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Siya Ke Ram, Kaurvaki Ka Pyaar! by BloomArcayna
Siya Ke Ram, Kaurvaki Ka Pyaar!by SriYagyasainiSitaRadhaRani
'Tested of chaste not love!' LakshmiNarayan accomplished many great things in their 7th avatar, but they did not complete their love story. Based on Siya Ke Ram and Chak...
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The Story Of Prince Ram (Completed) by LeoEaton
The Story Of Prince Ram (Completed)by Leo Eaton
*Under major edit* Ayodhya's precious gem put to trails by treason and treachery. Follow Prince Ram as he undergoes various obstacles in his life while he struggles to u...
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Lakshman's Daughter by sathu98
Lakshman's Daughterby Sathu
DISCONTINUED! Highest Ranking: #70 in HISTORICAL FICTION Queen Sita ends her life as she becomes unable to tolerate the bad-mouthing and injustice rendered to her by he...
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Undiscovered  bonds......(active again) by arnasharma
Undiscovered bonds......(active a...by Lakshmanpriya..
#1 under the tag Lakshman as that on April 20,2020......This story is about many overlooked bonds of Ramayana...filled with emotions and love!
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Love Story of Lakshmila - The Love Story Of Sacrifice And Devotion 😍😍 by sportschamps7
Love Story of Lakshmila - The Love...by APOORVA SINGH
Love story with the vision of the meeting. ❤ 1.First meeting with fierce 😍 2.Second meeting with teasing 😍 3.Third meeting with attraction😍 4.Fourth meeting with resp...
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Lakshman's Mila by Siyagargi
Lakshman's Milaby Siyagargi
The selfless sacrifice of Urmila and Lakshman for the greater good. The proof that true love can sustain anything.
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Bhumija by Rushali7
Bhumijaby Rushali7
Sita is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu, in Hindu mythology. Sita is one of the main characters in the Ramayana, a major Hindu epic. Born...
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Panchakanya (COMPLETED) by vishnu_mithra
Panchakanya (COMPLETED)by ❤️ꜱᴜᴍᴇʟɪᴋᴋᴀ❤️
Panchakanya is The Five Iron Women from Hindu Epic. The First one Is Ahalya from Ramayana, Draupadi from Mahabharatha, Kunti from Mahabharatha also, Tara from Ramayana a...
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Divine Depictions by suvachana
Divine Depictionsby suvachana
Illustrations from Mahabharata and other spiritual texts, with quotes from Sri Aurobindo's writings.
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The Ramayana - Lakshmila's POV by Aranel-Minuialwen
The Ramayana - Lakshmila's POVby Aranel Minuialwen
We have read The Ramayana as kids and always knew it to be the story of Rama and his consort Sita. Every character has an important role to play. But not all of them ha...
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Fourteen years...!! by Aarthi0903
Fourteen years...!!by Aarthi0903
We always wonder how that fourteen years would have passed and how it would have changed everyone's life drastically..!! This is a journey of everyone during those years...
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The Kuru War: A Mahabharata Fiction by DevanshMaheshwari
The Kuru War: A Mahabharata Fictionby Devansh Maheshwari
Krishna has ultimately fulfilled the prophecy of slaying Kans and ending his callous rule over the ancient kingdom of Mathura. A land split by a prehistoric conflict bet...
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ShurpMukhi - Tale Of Love Prattles💘💘💘 by DollySehgal
ShurpMukhi - Tale Of Love Prattles...by Dolly Sehgal
she couldn't see any wrong she did, her mind lost control when she saw the Man in Vanvaasi clothes He was Prince charming of Ayodhya, a devoted husband of Urmila She los...
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Comforts Of The Palace{2nd Runner Up- Gem Awards} by Phenomenal_W
Comforts Of The Palace{2nd Runner...by M
When luxuries prickle, when seconds kill and when each fragment carries ashes of pain in itself, read how Ayodhya's royal family gains its composure for 14 years after a...
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Saptsindhu Chronicles: A Rama - Krishna Saga by MisterAugust
Saptsindhu Chronicles: A Rama - Kr...by Ashutosh Mishra
Book 1 of Saptsindhu Chronicles - The Lost Trident (Ongoing) Welcome to the mythological saga and adventures of Lord Rama and Krishna together in this unique story which...
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You know the story of the Ramayana, This is the story from the beginning to the end... With insight into the character's thoughts.
Unsung feelings by adikavy
Unsung feelingsby d.
Disclaimer: This short story is partially a figment of my imagination. I do not intend to hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings. My sole aim while writing this was to tr...
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SITA: The Peace Within by livelong456
SITA: The Peace Withinby DESIRE
Sita, what does this word trigger inside you? A girl running in the forest of Mithilla? A young bride decked up and happy beside Raghukul-Bhushan Shri-Ram? A daughter-in...
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Destiny and beyond by NANDASHREE
Destiny and beyondby NANDASHREE
A collection of poems by Nandashree. "Destiny," the chief poem of this collection chronicles the life of Sita, an illustrious character of the Indian epic, &q...
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