*15 - Banished and Abducted

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Moving hands to the heavens, the storyteller asked:

Narada, the heavenly poet in Brahma's mind;

Brahma, the Creator;

Shiva, the Destroyer;

Prithivi, Earth Mother from whom the Shakti energies of Deva dwell;

Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune, who became Sita, loyal earthy wife of Rama;

Vishnu, the Preserver of the worlds, who became Rama, an earthy King to destroy Ravana;

Evil Daemon Ravana, with ten-heads with twenty-eyed and twenty-armed,

human King of pride and greed, who controls the three worlds.



"Rama, Rama is an earthly man."

"Loyal Sita serves him with her heart."

To tell Sita's story, I ask permission and guidance.

To tell Sita's story, I ask permission and guidance

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Night came and the twins, Lava and Kusha, rushed their Mother Sita, to the fire of Angi. Valmiki patted out the clay slabs, his stick ready to scribe. The twins filled Brahma's bowl with water from the Ganges, and Valmiki looks into the bowl of water. The fire crackled. Lava and Kusha urged, "What happen, Mother, after you married Rama, the King?" Valmiki scribed the words Sita spoke on his clay slab.

~~~~~~~~~~~Sita sighs, "Yes, My Lord Rama."

We were called to Ayodhya, Rama to be announced as King.

Sita looked around the woods and into the river then continued. Only the youngest wife, Kaikeyi, of Rama's father, Dasaratha used two boons given to her while healing Dasaratha after a battle (Link Myth). She demanded her son, Bharata, to be the King and Rama banished for fourteen years.

Rama met with his father and said that if Dasaratha had given these boons to Kaikeyi, they were to be respected. After much argument, Rama allowed Lakshman and me to come with him. We took off our Royal clothing and dressed in bark. We were taken across the Ganges, and we traveled into the woods.

In shelter at Guha, the Hunter King's wife gave me jewels. I was very grateful to have lovely jewels to wear.

Bharata found us in the woods. "King Dasaratha died of a broken heart. His mother was wrong. He would not forgive her. Rama was the King and need to come home."

Rama refused, saying, "Father gave his boons to Kaikeyi, your mother, you and I must honor those words to both."

"I will not be King, you are, Rama."

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