# 7 - Li Chi, the Serpent Slayer

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The weather, climate, and land were in the power and control of the Celestial DRAGONS.

Dragon Emperors of China

As the myths and legends and story grew about the dragons, the Dynasty Emperors were declared sons of the royal Heavenly Dragons. By mandate, the Emperors could predict the functions of the earth's weather and natural disasters. The Emperor watched from his throne as the Celestial Dragons watched from the sky. The Emperor had his courts and scholars to help as the Celestial Dragons help the Queen Mother of the West, Yin, and the King of the East, Yang. The different Dynasties of China had the Dragons colors and characteristics.

Earth - Yellow Dragons, the first Dragon that helped shape China

In the time of the Yellow Dragon, The Sun God gave the Emperors the five crops stone and the medicine plants. The Goddess of the Moon with her rabbit mixes the herbs. Rice Queen Mother of North measured the rice and lives of the peoples. The Zodiac measured time by the 12 animals of which Dragon is one of them. God Cagnii tired of tying knots created the 500,000 characters, as the written language for China.

Wood - Green Dragons

Metal - White Dragons

Fire - Red Dragons

In the time of the Scholars, during the Fire Dragon Dynasties was the rise of Taoism and Confucianism

Also in China, the many declared Land Lords were fighting over the control of the Dynasties and the Silk Roads, which opened. During the Han Dynasty - the making of silk paper began this was about 2200 years ago.

Then the Black Dragon emerged, conquered, and organized China: the coins, measurement, roads wheel axles, only 50,000 characters, and decreed that the Emperor of the China owned all the land, and built a wall around Western and Southern China to keep out strangers, closing the Silk Roads and trade.

After the Black Dragon, the Silk Roads re-opened.  The rich trading brought beliefs, warriors, and conquerors into China while the many regional Emperors sought to rule China and warred against each other. In the start of the Chin Dynasty about 220 AD, heroes helped displace these worms and serpents who threatened the protective wise Celestial Dragons.

Li Chi as a Chinese heroine displaced worms and serpents from China that battled for control over the prosperous lands and the many struggling Dynasties.





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Li Chi was the youngest daughter of a farmer, who had no sons

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Li Chi was the youngest daughter of a farmer, who had no sons. She watched the Sorceress and the Magistrate collected rice from her Father and Mother to so her oldest sister was not sacrificed to the worm serpent who lived on the mountain. Li Chi would kill the serpent.

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