*14 - Birth and Marriage

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Moving hands to the heavens, the storyteller asked!

Narada, the heavenly poet in Brahma's mind;

Brahma, the Creator;

Shiva, the Destroyer;

Prithivi, Earth Mother from whom the Shakti energies of Deva dwell;

Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune, who became Sita, loyal earthy wife of Rama;

Vishnu, the preserver of the worlds who became Rama, and earthy King destroy Daemon Ravana;

To telling Sita's story, I ask permission and guidance.


Vishnu, Vishnu is a Heavenly god, Protector of the world.

Lakshmi, Lakshmi is the Heavenly Goddess of the Earth.

Lakshmi, Lakshmi is the Heavenly Goddess of the Earth

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The Births of Sita and Rama

This is the second night of Sita's telling the epic adventure about her love and loyalty with Rama, her dutiful husband. Valmiki readied his fresh clay slabs and had his stick to scribe the words Sita, the mother of the twins, spoke to her sons, who waited all day to learn more about their father, the great King Rama of Koshala.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Sita tells:

A thunderstorm and dark clouds followed the angry God Indra as he raced his three-headed white elephant, Amaravati, to Vishnu, who awakes from for his dream.

The gods stood watching. They witnessed the celestial heaven's plunder and destruction.

"Vishnu you must help. You saw the raid of the Heavenly Palace by Daemon Ravana and his son, Megahanada, One of Ravana's wives is the daughter of Bali, the God of Illusion. She is one of your greatest devotees, and her son is Megahanada who is now called Indrajit. He stands with Daemon Ravana on my throne in the Celestial City of Amaravati, while his generals raid the treasures of music, and poetry and dance."

"Indra, mighty God with ten-thousand eyes, I will become an earthly man, Rama, to save the heavens, the earth, and the underground. I heard Daemon Ravana thinks men and animals are worms beneath his feet."

Lakshmi touches God Indra in a calming matter, "Yes Indra, I pledge my help to rid the earth, heavens, and underworlds of this ten-headed twenty-arms Daemon Ravana. I have my curse on Ravana for raping me as Vishrava before I became Vishnu's wife. To the kind and gentle King Janaka, I become his daughter, Sita, born by Mother Earth in a furrow of a field of a farmer."

Vishnu turns to Indra with the steaming ten-thousand eyes. "Indra, the High Priest of King Dasaratha of Koshala calls you to Agni's fire for an offering to be given to the King's wives. Take this bowl of rice to hand to the King. Each wife needs a spoonful. There will be four sons born."

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