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It had been another week, and Wonwoo still hadn't forgiven Mingyu -- who still had some hope, since he hadn't officially said they were breaking up, after all, plus on the phone a few nights ago, Mingyu accidentally said "babe" while addressing him, and Wonwoo didn't even mention it, so Mingyu thinks he's warming up. But it's best to make sure he doesn't run into Sohye anytime soon.

"Wonu," He tried to speak to him in school, and Wonwoo turned about, and Mingyu was about to speak to him when Wonwoo's 'friends' went up to Mingyu.

"What are you doing? He doesn't wanna talk to you." One of them spoke, she was quite small, and Mingyu felt as if he recognised her before. "Now, leave him alone, or I'll make pasta out of you,"

Mingyu fought the urge to laugh, so he just said, "What? Pasta? Why pasta?"

"I just chose pasta," She sighed, "Anyway - are you going to leave him alone, or not?"

Mingyu's throat clenched. He didn't want to nod nor shake his head. He did want to speak to him, so he wanted to shake his head. However, if he nodded his head, then the girl would, probably, drag Wonwoo away with her, which meant he couldn't speak to him, no matter how much he wanted.

He slowly shook his head. "I need to speak to him. I was about to before you came along, you midget. Now move, I want to speak to my boyfriend."

Ah, those 2 words were words that Wonwoo hadn't heard in a while.

"M-Midget? I'm not that short! It's only 155cm!"

"That's fuckin' tiny," He explained, not really meaning to curse at such a small girl. "Anyway, move."

The girl wasn't moving, and Mingyu was about to move her out of the way when one of her friends walked over.

"Yoodaeng, what are you doing?" The much taller girl spoke, sighing. "Really? You ditched me for Mingyu? You left me in a McDonalds and I wasn't fuckin' loving it,"

"Doyeon, I-"

"Can you leave with your girlfriend, please? I need to speak to Wonwoo," Mingyu spoke politely, and the girls, well - Doyeon - nodded her head and they left Mingyu & Wonwoo.

"So," Wonwoo started the conversation off. "What did you want to talk about?"

"This," Mingyu stated, and Wonwoo blinked; not catching on what he was talking about, "This whole thing, Wonwoo, it's been going on for 2 weeks now, can we look past it? I want to go back to normal. Sohye's got a girlfriend, as I said, I can't even get with her, not that I'd want to." He added the last sentence quietly, hoping that he didn't hear; and thankfully, he didn't. He sighed in relief.

"Mingyu.." Wonwoo sighed, "You said you'd never cheat." He bit his lip, which was bleeding because of all the times he had bit it.

"I know," Mingyu sighed, pulling on his hair, "I know, and I'm such a fucking idiot, I'm so sorry. Can I do anything?"

"Yeah; not cheat."

"I expected as much," Mingyu answered, placing his hands on his hip as he, too, bit his lip. "I'm sorry, for how much it's worth."

"It's not worth a lot, I'm afraid,"

"Yeah, I thought that." Mingyu frowned and creased his eyebrows together. "Anything else I could do?"

"Not really," Wonwoo said back, and Mingyu frowned even more. "Just..I need more time."

"How much more do you need, Wonwoo, because I've given you two weeks, and honestly, I think that's too much. People only need about 1 week, and you - you're taking 2 weeks? Honestly, I'm thinking of giving up. At this rate, you're never going to forgive you. What the fuck did that even do to you? Nothing! It only affected our relationship - while you could've just ignored it, and we could've been fine. But, no, because you don't trust me - or some shit like that - you had to do all this. I'm tired, Wonwoo, I really am. And that's not because I had 2 hours of sleep last night because I keep thinking about what would happen today. I'm mentally tired. Please, tell me when."

Wonwoo shrugged his shoulders. "Give me another week."

Mingyu was this close to pulling his hair out. "You know what, Wonwoo? If you're going to be like this, forget it."

"Mingyu, I didn't mean it like that. I need more time."

"You don't. Give me an answer; are you going to forgive me, or not?"  

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