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luckily for you
twats, i have to be accepting.
my friends are all coming out
as gay - and they're telling me
they have girlfriends, who are also
in our friendship group. 

although i always had a suspicion that
yoojung and doyeon were dating


you're lucky

haha, it serves
you right. also congrats
on doyeon and yoojung lmao,
tell them i said hi

nOW will you leave us

if you read accurately,
i technically have to ?? 


Recently, Wonwoo had been deserting himself from Mingyu, for obvious reasons. He was afraid he would lash out at him, either say things or do things he didn't fundamentally mean. 

He was always frightened of that. Because, according to Sohye, he didn't do anything right, but Wonwoo never took her seriously, because Sohye never did anything right either. When she went on that survival show, she was in Rank F for the longest time, until someone - Sejeong - decided to help her. If she were on her own, she'd still be in that Rank F. She couldn't sing nor dance for shit; when they filmed reality shows, she was named the black hole of whatever category they were talking about, so she couldn't say anything about doing it wrong.

As a side effect, Wonwoo had become quiet. He didn't really speak to anyone anymore, he had slipped back into the crowds -- which was where he was at the start of the school year. It was a miracle that Mingyu had managed to make Wonwoo 'come out of his shell' - if you like - and now, he was back to square one. 

In class, nobody knew the answer - except Wonwoo; so the teacher spent the whole lesson going over it, yet Wonwoo already knew how to do it. If he had put his hand up, however, he could've been doing something else.

And he wasn't blaming Mingyu. 

And rightfully so, since it's not Mingyu's fault. In a way, it's Wonwoo's fault for believing Sohye so quickly, which he shouldn't have done, because it's obvious Sohye's only trying to cause drame between Mingyu and Wonwoo.

The question is - why? Sure, she mentioned the fact that he hated gays, but surely, there's another reason, because her friends were openly gay infront of her, but she didn't try and make, say Chungha and Sejeong, break up, and it wasn't just because they were friends. It's highly likely that Sejeong and Chungha would break up anyway.

As of right now, however, Wonwoo was happy that she, probably, wouldn't try and disturb Mingyu and his' relationship, which was what he needed in life right now. He wanted to Mingyu the news, so he decided to run to Mingyu's house - but didn't see what he had wanted.

Well, if Wonwoo wanted to see Mingyu cheating on him, then sure, he got what he wanted.

"W-Wonwoo-" Mingyu tried to speak up, but Wonwoo didn't want to hear it.

"Really? I can't believe you. I knew I shouldn't have trusted you,"

"Look, babe, I can explain." Wonwoo didn't want to hear it. He looked over - to see who it was he had cheated on him with, and once he saw who it was, his whole life lost purpose.


"Babe, please, it's not what you think. Please, we can talk about this."

"Mingyu, there's nothing to talk about. You cheated on me? Really? With her?"

"Wonu, leave her alone. I know you hate her, but-"

"Yeah, I do hate her. I thought you did, as well."

"I do, that's why I want you to listen."

"There's no point, Ming." The girl told him with an evil smirk, "He won't listen, just stay with me."

Mingyu furred his eyebrows, looking back and forth between Wonwoo and the girl. He sighed. "Wonwoo..." The two o's dragging out like some asmr.

"N-No," Wonwoo croaked out, "Don't call my name. I'd like to say we're over, but, we can't end it like this. I'd love to give you another chance, I really would, but I'm not sure I can."

"W-What? Please, babe, I'll make it up to you."

"I-" Wonwoo choked, "I'll need some time, then."

"How much time? At least give me the date. I need to know when you're expecting me to stroll over and apologize to you with all my heart. To prove you're the one. To prove that this girl-" He pointed at her, "Is irrelevant in my life."

Looking up from when he pointed at her, she furrowed her eyebrows. "Hey, that's not what you said last night."

Wonwoo turned around, hiding his tears from Mingyu.

"I'll be g-going now," His voice cracking mid-sentence as he left for the door. He noticed Wonwoo following him, so he called lowly, "Don't follow me. Please." And he slammed the door.

"This.." Mingyu whispered, hitting the door. "This is your fault!"

"No," She corrected, "If I remember, you're the one who asked for my number in the club a few days ago, Mingyu, so don't blame me."

"That club meant nothing, So, you know that. I know you're my boyfriend's cousin, but it meant nothing. Plus, I didn't have your number, which is why I finally asked."

"Really? Even though you're dating my cousin. What a dick move, Mingyu."

"I'm sorry, ok? What do you want me to say, Sohye? You've ruined everything between Wonwoo and I. What more do you want?"

"I didn't mean it to go this far, though, I'm sorry,"

"You're a little late for that bit," Mingyu chuckled bitterly.

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