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Mingyu sighed. He was just about to leave his house to go back to the airport, when Wonwoo texted him back, not seeming that excited. 

'Maybe I shouldn't go back?' Mingyu thought, yet decided against it. He wanted to see Wonwoo. He wanted to see Jeon Wonwoo's face again. He wanted to feel him in his embrace again, but he was afraid. He was afraid that Wonwoo didn't want to see him again. 



Not even a response. 'Am I not even worth that much, Wonwoo?' Mingyu thought, bitterly. He bit his lip. He was afraid, again. 




'Wait, what the hell?' 

Wonwoo panicked. If Mingyu was coming round to see him, then he needed to look decent. Currently, his hair was extremely untidy, and he was still in his shorts and t-shirt that Mingyu gave him. 

"Oh, you're awake, finally." 

His horrible cousin grunted at him. Wonwoo sighed, trying not to roll his eyes at her. He hated her. So much. And she hated him, too. 


"So," She paused, as if she didn't even want to say it, "How's your faggot of a boyfriend?" 

Wonwoo growled, yet didn't say anything. He didn't want to talk about Mingyu right now. He just shrugged, not knowing what to say. 

"Don't say you've broken up. What a shame. You could've been bullied together, since being gay isn't right - people bully you, right?"

Wonwoo swallowed. "Y-Yeah." 

"Thought so," She snorted, "Well, whatever, just don't come crying if you break up with him, you fucking fag, since I don't care about you. I hate homosexuals almost as much as I hate you." 

She walked out and locked the door.


Mingyu sighed, and breathed in heavily. He was worried that Wonwoo no longer loved him, yet that seemed impossible. Surely, he still loved his boyfriend, right? It's not like they argued.

He placed his hand on the door handle, yet retracted his hand and knocked once, twice, thrice.

He smiled as the door opened, "Hello, I'm Mingy-"

"What the fuck do you want, slut?"

Mingyu paused.

"I'm sorry?"

"What? You heard me." Wonwoo's cousin snapped. "Why're you here? Are you this Mingyu guy Wonwoo's talking about?"

"Y-Yes, that's me!" Mingyu yelled, a little bit enthusiastic.

"Fucking bitch, I knew you would be ugly," 

"I-I-" Mingyu coughed out. 

"Shut up. You don't mean anything to my Wonwoo, okay?"

'My Wonwoo? Who does she think she is? Wonwoo's not dating her, is he?' 

"Who are you to my boyfriend?"

"Your boyfriend?" She laughed. She knew what she was doing, yet she didn't want to say it. "Why would he date a guy?"

"He's gay?" He said, as if it was the most obvious thing.

"No, he's not. He's dating me, I'm confused on what you mean." Holy shit, why the fuck did I say that? She thought, but she only said it so Mingyu and Wonwoo would break up, since she hated both boys and didn't want either to be happy. 

"W-What? No, we're dating, I'm sorry."

"Mingyu." She said, "He isn't gay. He plays with people's feelings all the time. Don't trust him." 

Mingyu's lip trembled. Where is Wonwoo, anyway? 

"Also, if you're wondering where he is, he's out with another girl right now. Sorry about that, by the way." 

Mingyu sighed. "He wouldn't. I don't trust you. My baby's not like that." 

"Your baby? Awh, Mingyu, I'm sorry, but he doesn't even like guys. He just dates them, for the sake of it. Please, don't fall in love with him."

"It's too late for that, I'm afraid."

"Too bad. Good luck for when he breaks up with you, Ming."

"What's your name, anyway?"


"Who's at the door, Cous?"

"It's Mingyu-Wait, I thought you'd-" She said, trying to be obvlious to the fact Wonwoo was still home.

"No? I haven't moved, let me see Mingyu."

Mingyu paused. Was she lying, or is Wonwoo really seeing someone else?


Wonwoo pushed her out of the way. "Sorry, babe. She's annoying, isn't she?"

The girl smirked. "Who is this girl to you, Wonu?"

"She's my cou-"

"I'm his girlfriend, I told you, Gyu." 

Wonwoo's eyes widened. "No! Shit, she's not-"

"Is it true, Wonu?"

"No, Sohye's my cousin, I swear."

"Baby, you can tell him you're not actually gay, you know." Sohye smiled.

"But this is why I don't like girls! They're so bitchy! Ugh, fuck off, and leave me alone Sohye. Mingyu, I'm sorry about all of this," He reached for Mingyu's hand.

"Don't touch me."


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