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leave us alone

how about no


"Mother." Wonwoo called to his mother, Hyeri, who was busy cooking food for both boys, "Sohye's saying she's followed us."

"What?" Hyeri exclaimed, "Pass me your phone."

Wonwoo stood there for a while before reaching into his pocket.


sohye? this is wonwoo's mother. i suggestyou leave my sons alone, thank you.

ah, getting your mother in this now?
how cute. i don't want to seem like the
bad guy here, cos i'm not.


sohye? i'm being serious. also,if you're not the bad guy, who is? wonwoo'snot done anything to you. leave my sons alone.

your sons? mingyu ain't your son. he doesn't
even like wonwoo.


look, sohye, if you stop - i can forget this even happened.


i was just saying. it's an act. he abused
his friends, so they left, and his parents
abandoned him. i knew his parents, trust
me. now, he's being nice to people so they
trust him - and then he's gonna leave them. 


fuck off, that's not true. stop trying tomake them look back. 

oh? im not doing anything. i'm just exposing
mingyu for the snake he is. 


stop this. 

sure, but you'll be the one to

"What did she say?" Mingyu asked, since Wonwoo wasn't really paying any attention to her or him anymore.

"Nothing," Hyeri shook her head.


"You feeling okay?" Mingyu asked Wonwoo, but he had no idea that Wonwoo had read the texts between his mother and Sohye. 

He knows she shouldn't have, but he wanted to know why his mother wasn't feeling like herself. 

"Is she telling the truth?" Wonwoo couldn't believe he was saying this - because, obviously, he shouldn't trust Sohye so easily. He wasn't even sure if he did trust her, but she seemed like he actually did do that, so his only choice was to agree; but he didn't have the guts to actually ask him face-to-face.

"W-What?" Mingyu asked; because he didn't know what Wonwoo was talking about. At all. 

"Is Sohye right? Is she telling the truth?" Wonwoo asked once more.

"What did she say?" Mingyu asked, rushing his words - almost as if he was hoping that Wonwoo wouldn't be able to hear what he saying, but Wonwoo did hear, and he quickly unlocked his phone, and showed him the texts. "N-No!" He quickly yelled as he was still reading the texts. Once he composed himself, he breathed heavily. "That's not true."

"Why did you react like that then?" Wonwoo's voice broke. 

"Wonu, please, trust me - I won't leave you."

"You already left me once."

"I was forced to, Wonu, you know how much I begged to stay." 

"Was I just an act?" Wonwoo started to doubt his boyfriend now - Mingyu knew this was a bad sign. Wonwoo's voice was beginning to break, also, which usually meant he was about to cry. 

"No." He answered truthfully, hoping it would calm Wonwoo down. Sadly, it did not.

"Are you lying right now? How long have you been lying to me?"

"I-" Mingyu tried, but choked on his words; wondering whether they were right to say. "I've never lied to you."

"Hmm." Wonwoo hummed, "You seem pretty confident. However, Sohye said you were only using me. Which is true, Mingyu? Don't lie, I can handle the truth."

"Wonu, please, I truly love you. I'm not using you. Sohye's a bitch, we've established this." 

"Yes, indeed, we have. But maybe, she's the one that's right, and you're trying to hide your lies from me." 

Mingyu choked. "Utter bullshit. Sohye's never been right. She's making this up. Please trust me."

Wonwoo laughed, "I would've, a few days ago." He told Mingyu bitterly. "But now? ..Maybe not."

"Wonu, please. Trust me. Have I ever lied to you?"

Wonwoo shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, have you?"

Mingyu shook his head, feeling frustrated. "Trust me, I have not. Not once." Mingyu smiled, trying to make Wonwoo believe him. 

"Are you sure about that?" Wonwoo asked, and Mingyu couldn't believe that even after 2 years of them dating, he was actually choosing Sohye over him. He said he'd never liked Sohye - and he and Mingyu were still dating; so why would he believe Sohye, and not his own boyfriend? 

"Yes, I'm positive." 

"Well then," Wonwoo began, "Come back when you can actually admit when you're lying." 

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