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Mingyu: hey, omg sorry, minghao took my phone ! he came round for a bit but i made him leave lmao

Mingyu: ...Wonwoo? babe? 

Wonwoo: Mingyu...you're back :')

Mingyu: lmao i never left ?? 

Wonwoo: i'm glad, i love you so much♥

Mingyu: i love you more
Mingyu: oh also, minghao tried to kiss me before :3

Wonwoo: ...and why are you so happy?

Mingyu: bc i finally got to tell him that we're dating! :)

Wonwoo: omg ok lmao
Wonwoo: i thought you liked him :(

Mingyu: lol no, i'd never cheat on my baby :')


please :'( my girls need love

Hwajung said they were gonna disband if Color Me Rad flopped :( 

Luckily, someone bought like 1,000 copies of the album 

(plot twist; it was me lmao)

but they didn't have to disband :) 

wHICH i'm glad about


also stan; 

Hello Venus



and 9MUSES

My girls need love pls ok bye

~Terrible author that never updates.

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