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"what the fuck?" mingyu yelled angrily, furious at what sohye had 'done'. sure, he didn't want to believe it, but he never doubted his boyfriend. "why the fuck did you do that!? god, you're such a bitch!"

"shut up, mingyu, it wasn't rape." sohye smirked. "he enjoyed it. he's straight, remember?" she smiled with a grave smile on her face.

"shut up, sohye. get lost." mingyu hissed, wanting to protect his boyfriend. she just stared at wonwoo. on one hand, she felt horrible for what she'd done, yet on the other - she felt like he deserved it. "he's gay. he's gay. he's gay. how many times must i say it, sohye?"

sohye chuckled, "you keep thinking that."

"sohye, i'm straight. you know this." wonwoo whispered, though he was frightened of her now. i mean, who wouldn't be afraid of someone after they raped you?

"so what? people get raped all the time."

"yeah, but, you still can't rape him! that's absurd!" mingyu yelled back. sohye only shrugged.

"it's not a big deal." she told them, with a sick smirk plastered on her face.

"look, why can't you just leave us alone?" wonwoo asked, after pulling on his hair for a while, frustrated with sohye already.

"because, you guys are fucking gays. you know how much i despise gays," sohye spoke to wonwoo specifically. "now, get out of my sight."


"mingyu, i'm scared." wonwoo whispered to his boyfriend. he didn't want to return to his house, yet there's no chance he wants to. also, sohye made it clear that she doesn't want him here.

"babe, just live at mine."

wonwoo sobbed. "my stuff's at home." he told mingyu, who sighed loudly. mingyu stared off; wondering what he was going to do. should they just fly back to Korea, where they're safe? it seemed like the best idea, but was it really worth it?

"should we move back to korea?" wonwoo's eyes widened. his parents wouldn't allow it, however if he told them what sohye said and had done to him, maybe they'd let him move back to korea. though, they wouldn't really trust him; since sohye wasn't close with them. after all, sohye was only wonwoo's cousin.

surely, wasn't sohye crossing the line at this stage?

wonwoo just wanted to be safe. he wanted to be away from sohye. like he was before.

"wonu, it'll be ok."

'but will it?' as much as he loved his boyfriend, wonwoo didn't really think it would get better. at this rate, sohye would never be punished for what she was doing.

which, in a way, is sad. but then again, she was a woman. and women get away with everything these days.


"mum, can i move back to korea?"

mingyu bit his lip. he was listening to wonwoo call his mum. wonwoo had put his phone on speaker, so mingyu could hear was she was saying, too.

"why? don't you like it here?" wonwoo nearly laughed.

"not really."

"why not? you've got sohye! she's lovely!"

"like fuck she is!" mingyu yelled, yet he covered his mouth when he realised he wasn't allowed to say that.

"wonwoo? who's that?"

"mingyu." he answered with a monotone voice.

"ah. what's wrong with sohye? she's a wonderful girl."

"her friends are nice, but she's not."

"she's fine! give her a few more days-"

"miss, i'm sorry, but she raped your son."

everything went silent.

"y-you can come home whenever you want, honey. i'll be waiting. be safe. i love you."

she ended the call.

wonwoo sighed.

they could go home.

"so, we're going back?"

"we're going back."

"good." mingyu hugged wonwoo tight against his chest and kissed his forehead before whispering, "i love you."

"i love you, too."


landing back in korea was the hardest part. after a few days, wonwoo's parents had bought him a ticket and everything, so wonwoo & mingyu could fly back. once they'd gotten back, his parents were waiting for him, and enveloped him into warm arms. well, his mother did. his father wasn't even with his mother.

"where's father?"

"other there," she answered weakly, "how are you, mingyu?" she asked him, since that hadn't spoken before.

"oh, i'm good, what about yourelf?"

"i'm great too, thanks." she smiled, "no need to be formal,"

mingyu grinned and told her, "i'm like this with ever-"

"oh, the fag's back."

wonwoo nearly gagged at his father's voice. he despised his father so much.

"you should've been raped. you deserve it."

"seungwoo!" hyeri yelled, "you know what, c'mon kiddos, let's go. we're gonna move in with my girlfriend."

"so you were cheating!"

"do you blame me?" she asked before running off with mingyu's bag in one hand and wonwoo's bag in her other.

"m-mother, you can't do that! he'll come after you!"

"no, he won't. he doesn't know her name." she told them with a smile on her face.

"you've never told me about her before, mother, who is she?"


wonwoo's mouth hung open. mingyu was confused; did wonwoo know minah?


"really," hyeri smiled, "come on, we'll need to hurry. your father might be coming."


"so, they're moving in." hyeri told minah as mingyu & wonwoo had gone upstairs.

"that's fine," she smiled. "i'm fine with them, they seem like nice kids,"

"they are." she told her which made minah smile again. hyeri loved minah's smile.

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upstairs, mingyu and wonwoo were sorting their stuff out, while wonwoo got a notifcation.

his face paled.

"babe? what's wrong?"

moving back to korea
isn't going to help.

"n-nothing." wonwoo smiled, yet mingyu didn't trust him.

"ok...." he answered, unsure of whether he should take his word for it.



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