..say the name

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hey babe

wanna walk to school ?

yeah sure


"I'm sorry about Sohye." Wonwoo apologized, "She doesn't even like me, she's just pretending. I swear. I'd never leave you for that bitch."

Mingyu smiled - though, he didn't like the fact he just called his cousin a 'bitch'. "Were you two..." Mingyu bit his lip, "..ever friends?"

Wonwoo paused. He looked up, "Yeah." He didn't really want to explain, but of course, Mingyu would ask about it.

"Oh, really?" Mingyu exclaimed, genuinely surprised by his boyfriend's answer, "What happened?" Wonwoo's eyes went wide. His face went pale, un-noticed by his boyfriend.

"I..." Wonwoo trailed off. "Well, before my father died, we were best friends. One day, my father was hit by a truck on the way back from the shop. Sohye was mad because she blamed me. Basically, I'd asked my dad to buy me this thing, I forgot now, but he explained that he could get it tomorrow, but I insisted him to get it that day, and, well..that happened. Sohye blames me, and she reminds me everytime she sees me how much she hates me because of it.." Wonwoo finished with a cough, tears evading his face as he stared back at Mingyu.

"I'm..." Mingyu didn't even know what to say, to put it simply. "I'm so, so, sorry..I had no idea,"

"Well, now you do." Wonwoo smiled through the pain as he looked at his boyfriend.

"Shit," Mingyu swore, staring dead at his watch, "We're late."


"Oi, fag."

A female voice called out for Jeon Wonwoo, making the said person stop dead in their tracks.

"What do you think you're doin', I wasn't done with you."

Wonwoo flinched. He hated this person, so fucking much, though if he ever voiced his opinion he'd be dead.


"Shut up," She snarled, "I've had enough of you." Mingyu just watched from the distance, not really doing anything. He was about to do something, until he spotted who it was.

Kim Sohye.

"Mingyu doesn't even want to save yo-"

Before she could finish, Mingyu had punched her chin. "Fuck you," He snarled, "leave my boyfriend alone."

She laughed. "What a fag." She snorted, "Are you sure he even likes you? Honestly, he's straight."

"Honestly, you're a bitch."

"That's rude," She said, adding a smirk onto the end, to top it off. Wonwoo felt like he had to step in, yet Mingyu gave him a look that said, 'Don't.'

"I don't care, leave us alone, Sohye."

She didn't say anything. She simply stared at Wonwoo with a smile on her face. "Well, I do care, so, I won't leave you alone. Have a nice day, babe."

Sohye slowly walked away with her friends, Chungha, Sejeong, Somi & Yoojung, who happened to be back-hugging Doyeon.

"Guys, don't be gay, that's weird." Sohye told them, scowling, yet smiling once they parted away.

'It's ok,' Doyeon mouthed to her short girlfriend, who smiled back at her.

"Sohye, stop being mean," Chungha scolded her, yet only got silence as a response, along with Sejeong's head on her shoulder.


"Baby, are you ok?"

Mingyu asked Wonwoo, being concerned since Sohye pretty much beat him up earlier.

"Y-Yeah, I think I'm fine."

"You sure?" Mingyu asked, "Tell me if you're hurt, ok?"

"Of course~" Wonwoo smiled.

Mingyu looked up and noticed they were already at Wonwoo's house.

There was an awkward silence. "Want me...to stay?"

Wonwoo paused. Did he? Did he want Mingyu to stay, or did he want Mingyu to go home, and be happy, rather than stay with his boyfriend?

"I don't mind." Lies. Infact, Wonwoo did mind. He'd rather Mingyu stay, so he didn't have to deal with Sohye.

"Will you be okay on your own?"

With a heavy sigh, Wonwoo nodded.

"I guess I'll go then."

No, stay.

"Ok, that's fine."

No, it's not. Please, stay with me.



"Sure." He flashed a smile before watching Mingyu's back disappeared.



you ok ?

i guess idk
sohye's just being
annoying and stuff,
she kinda,, well,, tried
to rape me b4 but oh well (:

wonu, baby, this
is serious. are you
sure she was trying to
rape you, babe? if so,
i'm gonna report her.


shit ..

wonu, are you there




her songs "whos that girl" and "drip" are such good songs pls listen to them

also i hope miss a don't disband ok bye~

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