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Wonwoo sighed, if he didn't try and contact Mingyu in another way, then he'd never speak to him again. Wonwoo walked back up to Mingyu's old room and noticed a book sitting there. 

He picked it up and read it, carefully.

Dear Jeon Wonwoo, 

I'm sorry for leaving so soon. I'm really sorry, I thought I'd be able to hide from my parents but I couldn't. I love you, and I apologise wholeheartedly. 

Also, if you don't hate me and still want to talk to me; I've changed my phone number. I've written it down on the back of this page, so don't hesitate to contact me.

See you again, maybe, probably not though,

Kim Mingyu, who loved you a lot.

Wonwoo smiled and flipped to the back. 

He picked out his phone from his pocket and typed in Mingyu's new phone number. 

He quickly sent a message, but didn't get the response he'd hoped for.

1209-8258-1317: who are you?

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