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After about 2 years, Mingyu decided to propose to Wonwoo. At first, Mingyu was debating whether not he should even do it, but eventually - he gave in once Hyeri gave him the push. So, after a week of Hyeri telling him to, Mingyu had planned everything out, and a couple of days after that, he finally popped the question. And, obviously, he said yes.

Only god knew when the actual wedding would be, but they knew it was happening because neither of them saw anything negative happening in their relationship for a good while now, which was always a good thing - since nothing negative was ever supposed to happen, but when Sohye appeared, it had to. It couldn't be perfect forever, right?


A fortnight passed since Mingyu had proposed, and like they'd predicted, nothing had been going wrong.

Wonwoo just couldn't express how much he loved the taller boy. It was too much for words - would be an easy way to explain it, but that seemed too little for Wonwoo, and since Mingyu'd done a lot for him in terms of his health, he couldn't pay him back enough.

"Hey," Wonwoo called weakly from where they were cuddling closely on the couch. He cocked his head towards the taller and said, "You know I love you, right?"

Mingyu smiled, albeit sighed. "You tell me every day, how can I not know?"

Wonwoo giggled, "I like to tell you because it's nice to let you know,"

Mingyu shook his head while laughing. He pinched Wonwoo's nose, "Babe, I know you love me. If not, we wouldn't be engaged,"

"You've got a good point there, babe." Wonwoo joked when Mingyu had released his nose.

"I always do," He told the shorter, as he was about to get up to make them something to eat when Wonwoo grabbed his wrist. He giggled, "Babe, I need to-"

"Stay. I can make it myself something later."

"What if I want something?"

"I can make that, too."

And in that moment, Mingyu stopped to think; what did I do to deserve him? 


Wonwoo woke up at 4 am, unaware of the time. He sighed and opened his eyes slowly, and sighed once he realised it was still dark outside. He frowned and ran his hands down his hands. He tried to look over at Mingyu and was disappointed when he found out he was asleep. He blew out a puff of air and decided to text one of his new friends, Seungkwan.


Lol u awake

He sighed once he didn't get a response after 10 minutes of waiting. Since Wonwoo was a fast typer, it annoyed him when he was talking to people who type really slowly.


Well, now i am lol
wyd up at 4 anyway kiddo


                                                                                                                                                           1) Im older than u

2) i couldnt sleep



Well good luck, i'm
getting my sleep :)

At like that, he couldn't talk to Seungkwan anymore. And to think Seungkwan didn't really sleep. Seungkwan was one of those people who claimed they were badass, while they still asked their parents if they could go out over the weekends. He claimed he once scratched this guy's new car, but it was really unlikely because a few weeks ago, while Wonwoo went over, Seungkwan's mother asked him how he wet the bed when he was a teenager.

Wonwoo chuckled, and that made Mingyu wake up, "Shit," Wonwoo whispered when he felt Mingyu move, "I didn't-"

"Why are you awake, baby?"

"I-" He choked on his words, "I-I couldn't sleep,"

"Oh, why not? Were you cold?"

"No, I just had a lot on my mind."


"Nothing much," He kissed Mingyu's nose, "Go back to sleep, hun, I'll be fine."



Mingyu smiled to himself, reminding himself how lucky he was to have Wonwoo.


Neither of them were really sure how they'd come to fall for each other, but it didn't matter - because none of them would ever fall out of the love. To them, it was last eternally, and nobody could change that. They could try, like Sohye, but they'd fail - and that certainly wasn't the first thing Sohye'd failed in.

And, honestly, it was stupid to propose while they were in school. That was Mingyu's first thought. But they only had 1 year left, and then they'd be finished with it in general, and then they'd be able to get married.

If...Korea didn't oppose gay marriage.

That was their only challenge. So, as they all decided (All being; Minah, Hyeri, Wonwoo and Mingyu) to move to America, which wasn't against gay marriage.

And, once they'd moved, their life goal would be complete. To be by each other's side. Forever.


OMG GUYS I'VE FINALLY FINISHED THIS !!! WOWZERS !! i'm slightly sad bc these fanfictions are v special to me, and i know it was really short but so was the prequel so.  

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