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Wonwoo finally had the guts to tell Hyeri about what happened, and when he did, she reacted better than he'd thought.

"Really?" She'd said, with her eyes wider than they'd ever been, and Wonwoo bit his lip; anticipating what she was going to say next, "That's...uhh...I don't know," She answered truthfully, "But, don't be too harsh. You know he didn't mean it. Call him or something, what've you said?"

Wonwoo'd frozen. "N-Nothing."



Hyeri had rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Tell him you're sorry, and you forgive him. You b-best get going now, anyway. Go over and see him." She stuttered, but that was because of her stutter rather than the fact she was nervous. "See you,"


Currently, Wonwoo was on the way to school. He wasn't really nervous about finally seeing Mingyu after what he had been told by Hyeri. He was told to just say it, since that's what Hyeri did whenever something like this happened between Minah and her.

When he walked into school, Mingyu was waiting outside their classroom. And judging by the smile that Mingyu had on his face when Wonwoo approached him; it seemed that he was waiting for Wonwoo.

"H-Hi," Wonwoo whispered quietly, and Mingyu's eyes widened.

"Y-You're talking to me?" Mingyu stuttered, and Wonwoo's eyes softened. Why did he think like that? Did he expect Wonwoo to be speaking to someone else?

"Yes." Wonwoo nodded his head. "I needed to tell you something. I'm really sorry for what I said, and how I acted. I-I wasn't thinking, and-"

"Hyeri told you to say this, huh?" Mingyu guessed, his smile disappearing. When Wonwoo hadn't said anything back, Mingyu sighed and shook his head. "I expected as much."

"You say that a lot, huh?" Mingyu giggled. "It's cute." Wonwoo told him and Mingyu just stared at him.

"It is?"

"Yeah." Wonwoo told him truthfully. "Anyway, I'm really sorry for everything that's happened,"

"Okay." Mingyu answered awkwardly, not really knowing what to say after that. "So, are we-"


"Shit," He cursed under his breath when he heard Sohye's voice, "What do you want now, Sohye?"

"I just wanted to say hi," She answered them, and they both looked at each other; expecting something else to come out of this short conversation, but thankfully, nothing happened. She looked like she was about to say something else, but one of her friends that neither of them could the remember the name of - Yoo something - had walked up to them and she had dragged Sohye away, luckily for everyone there.   

Wonwoo and Mingyu stared at each other for a while until the taller hushed, "Thank you."

The shorter replied blankly, with, "For what?"

"For forgiving me. I thought you'd never, even though I didn't even mean to do anything to her,"

"I know that now. I'm really sorry, for going too far."   

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