Chapter 15

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"Amber? Amber!"

I open my eyes and the guard leans in front of me.

"Haldir!", I breathe.

"Amber." he sighs in relief, "The arrow that pierced you isn't poisoned, but it keeps your wound bleeding. Only stitches can stop the blood flow."

"Right.", I say uninterested.

I try to get up but he holds me down.

"You need rest." he says sternly, "You've lost a lot of blood."

"I don't care Haldir." I respond, "I need to get up instead of just lying here."

"Still the same Amber.", he says and pulls me into a hug.

As I give a small gasp of pain, he lets go immediately.

"We need to take care of your shoulder now.", he says.

"I'm fine." I say back, "Besides you said yourself I need stitches and you don't carry them with you."

"Perhaps, but Aragorn collected athalas leaves. He's boiling it now, see?"

I look over and a small fire roars behind me. Aragorn grabs the boiled weed and comes. He unwraps the blood soaked rag and applies the kings foil to the wound. Aragorn wraps a new bandage around my shoulder and helps me to my feet.

"This will slow the bleeding down for a while, but it won't stop it.", he says.

"Thanks Aragorn.", I mumble.

I don't pay attention to the stinging pain in my shoulder. Instead, I listen to Haldir and Legolas talk.

"Mae govannen, Legolas Thranduilion.", Haldir welcomes.
(Welcome Legolas, Son of Thranduil)

"Govannas vin gwennen le, Haldir o Lorien.", Legolas thanks.
(Our Fellowship stands in you debt, Haldir of Lorien)

"Anything for a mellon.", Haldir says, speaking about me.

"So much for the courtesy of Elves." Gimli complains, "Speak words we can understand."

"We have not had dealings with Dwarves since the Dark Days.", Haldir says sharply.

"You know what this Dwarf says to that?" says Gimli harshly, "Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!"
(I spit on your grave!)

Lunging for Gimli, both Aragorn and Boromir grab my good arm. I continue to struggle as Haldir puts his hand up. My head spins as I stop trying to attack Gimli. Stumbling a bit, Boromir wraps an arm to steady me. I break free from his grasp and lean against a tree again.

"That was not so courteous.", Aragorn snaps at Gimli once I am calm enough.

"You bring great evil with you. Only Amber can come with us.", Haldir tells Frodo.

"Haldir, no." I speak up, "If the Fellowship can't enter, I won't ether."

"Then you would die out here.", he says shocked.

"Boe ammen veriad lin. Andelu I ven!" Aragorn says angrily, "Merin le telim."
(We need your protection! The road is fell! I wish we may come with you!)

"I can't do that.", Haldir argues in the Common Tongue.

"Henia, aniron boe ammen i dulu lin!" I beg, "Andelu i ven."
(Please, understand, we need your support! The road is dangerous!)

Haldir considers my words for a moment and then makes up his mind.

"You will all follow me."

The other Lothlorien soldiers head in the opposite direction as Haldir leads us through the golden woods. The Fellowship walks upon a ridge and when we reach the end, we all look out. The sun starts to set in the pink, orange sky as trees rise above us.

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