Authors Note

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So I have reached the end of writing Lothlorien Elf in the Fellowship. Again, I never ever thought I would finish this book. I started it around the summer or fall in 2013 and now I finally finished it in April 2014. I also never thought I would get any votes and not even 100 reads. And certainly not all the positive comments people have made!!

So none of this would be possible without you!! Without the comments, votes or reads I would've quit from the very start. Wow I've learned a very important lesson, hard work does pay off and wattpadiens are amazing!!!

Thank you for over 100 votes and over 4k reads!! Thank you for all the amazing comments!! Thank you for adding my story to to your reading list or just reading it in general!! Thank you all so much everyone!! I'm so grateful for this experience.

The whole book is dedicated to anyone whoever voted, read, commented or added this story to your reading list!! I apologize for being bad about updating. I try to post once a week, but that doesn't happen much. I'm trying to work on that.

This is pretty much my rant of appreciation!! If you even bothered to read this authors note, I thank you for reading it! Just thank you everyone, you're all the reason I never gave up on this story!!


~Talia Spirit

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