Chapter 20

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Frodo starts running and Aragorn takes out his sword. As the Uruk-hai spot us, Aragorn walks to face them all. I stay behind a bit but follow his lead. The Uruks start to attack. We manage to kill a few already by the time Gimli and Legolas show up. Gimli takes some down with his axe and Legolas shoots them with his bow.

We continue to fight. As an Uruk was about to kill Aragorn from behind, Legolas fires at it with perfect aim. Suddenly a deep and loud horn cries out, ringing through the area with urgency. I immediately take off in the direction of the noise.

"The Horn of Gondor!", I hear Legolas say as Aragorn follows behind me.

The horn blows again and we crash through the woods. We finally see Boromir but Uruks are in the way. Aragorn starts to fight them. I take one of their heads off, swing around and stab another one in the chest before it stabbed me. We continue to move our swords like crazy.

"Run, run!", Boromir shouts to Merry and Pippin.

I glance quickly to the hobbits. It is then that I notice the three arrows sticking out of Boromir. He somehow continues to fight despite that. The hobbits charge with their little swords at the Uruks but they snatch them and run off.

Merry and Pippin try to break free but it is no use. I suddenly scream in fury as Aragorn and I kill the remaining Uruks. Boromir is on his knees as the captain Uruk gets ready to finish him off.

"No!", I shout and run in front of Boromir, just as the Uruk was about to fire the arrow.

"Get out of here Amber!", Boromir yells back, coughing up blood.

I remain where I am. In the captains surprise of being interrupted, Aragorn slams his body into him.

"I knew what I was doing this time.", I say, giving a weak smile to Boromir.

He tries to smile back but fails. I look back to Aragorn, and see him pinned by his neck with a shield against a tree. I go over and block the Uruk's attack with Haldir's dagger. That gave Aragorn enough time to slip under the shield and stab its leg with his own knife.

It growls in annoyance and pulls out the knife, licking blood off the blade. As I put my dagger back and switch to my bow, the captain throws the knife in Aragorn's direction. He manages to block the knife with his own sword before I shot the weapon off course.

Instead I fire my arrow at the Uruk as Aragorn starts advancing on it. The arrow seemed to distract the Uruk as it pulls the arrow out of his neck. Aragorn uses the opportunity to take off it's arm and stab its chest with his sword. He lodges hid blade in further as I send another arrow through the Uruk's head.

It stops moving and Aragorn pulls his sword out. As the captain Uruk drops to the ground, Aragorn raises his sword. I go over to Boromir as I hear Aragorn slice its head off. Boromir now lies on his back, blood dripping down him where the three arrows stay. I take his hand.

"You shouldn't have defended me, not after what I did.", he says.

I don't know how to respond. I'm not sure I could anyway as my throat burns with unshed tears. Instead I just kiss his cheek lightly as Aragorn runs over to us.

"No!", Aragorn exclaims.

Boromir instantly grabs his shoulder and speaks quickly.

"They took the little ones-"

"Be still.", Aragorn cuts in.

"Frodo!" he says not listening, "Amber, did you find Frodo?"

"Yes." I choke out, "Aragorn and I let him go."

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