Chapter 17

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I slowly walk towards the mirror, looking down to see nothing but my reflection in the water. When I am about to turn away my reflection fades and reveals a forest.

I can tell the forest is old. The trees are alive and speak to each other. The air whispers with sadness, anger, and wisdom. A white light appears. It's so bright that the light hurts my eyes. As it dims, I see a figure in white robes. I am about to see who the stranger is...

The Borders of Lothlorien show. The elvish horns blow in alarm. My ada and Haldir command the elven archers to fire. As waves of orcs try to get in, my dad gives the signal to shoot. About a hundred orcs go down. Haldir shoots high up as my father jumps to the ground gracefully.

He raises his sword to lead the charge and the other elven soldiers follow. Ada is the first to run at the huge group of orcs. Others join in, rushing at the orcs. Both elves and orcs die. The battle continues but soon the remaining orcs flee. Lothlorien elves have victory but at a cost. Some of the finest warriors have died, my dad or Haldir as one of them...

The Fellowship comes into view. We are all scattered. Aragorn and I fight orcs. Legolas and Gimli are too, but away from us. Orcs seize Merry and Pippin. Frodo paddles away on a hand-craft Lothlorien boat. Sam appears and tries to join Frodo. Legolas and Gimli finally make it to where Aragorn and I fought. They come to late, one of the members of the Fellowship has fallen...

I see fire. It's all over the Shire. Hobbits dragged out of their hobbit-holes and taken who knows where. Forced to work in the now grey and gloomy Shire. A flash of the White Tree of Gondor in glory again, my parents and Haldir, Lothlorien in ruins, the sea...

Then it is over.

"I saw what you saw Amber.", Galadriel tells me.

"So I saw the day the Fellowship will break?", I decide to ask first.

She nods and I ask more questions.

"Frodo and Sam travel to Mordor alone? One of us dies?"

"Frodo and Sam will not be completely alone.", Galadriel hints.

"Gollum!" I exclaim, "He will track them."

"He has a part to play in this journey." Galadriel starts, "As for your other question, you know who will fall. He will not die for nothing."

I shake my head in denial but Galadriel continues.

"That was the first assault on Lothlorien you witnessed."

"The first?" I say coming back to my senses, "So many of them died and it was only the first attack!?"

"Indeed." Galadriel says sadly, "The power of Nenya fades so Lothlorien's protection fades. Our soldiers are brave and strong. They will keep out the evil of Mordor. To protect Lothlorien, lives will be lost."

"My ada or Haldir with them?", I say.

This time Galadriel doesn't speak so I ask even more questions.

"The forest and the bright light? The Shire and Gondor? Haldir and my parents? The sea? What is that about?"

"I cannot say. You will know for yourself when you must know." she begins, "I am sorry I cannot answer your questions but please, don't get discouraged. It is best you do not know everything. Promise me you will continue the quest."

"Yes I will." I say at once, "I promised a friend and I would not want to give up ever."

"Good." Galadriel smiles softly, "It is almost sunrise. Haldir will be waiting for you. Abarad, Amber Light."
(Until tomorrow)

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