Chapter 1

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I was practising shooting my bow just outside the borders of Lothlorien. The peaceful hills, the beautiful trees. It is how I pass the time here. I always like to escape outside of Lothlorien for a few hours, to practise with my worn down sword and almost broken bow. Ever since I was little my friend Haldir and I always came here.

He was the one who taught me how to swing a sword and fire an arrow. At first I was terrified to learn how to use weapons, but now it is second nature to me. Haldir always dreamed of watching and protecting the borders of Lothlorien with the other elves. Now he does. I don't see him much anymore, he's always so busy.

My name is Amber Light and I live in Lothlorien. Elves live here and I'm one of them. I live with my mother. My father also protects the woods of Lothlorien so I get to keep his second hand weapons. I don't have any siblings so Haldir is like an older brother to me.

I was just getting my bow ready to shoot at a far away tree when I hear a familiar voice behind me.

"A Amber", says the voice in elvish.

"Haldir!", I exclaim dropping my bow and arrows to the ground and hugging him, "Nae saion lumme. It is good to see you again."
(It has been to long)

"I am sorry I was so busy.", he says meeting me with his blue eyes.

Most Lothlorien elves have light hair and eyes but both my hair and eye colour are brown.

"There are more orcs than usual around the borders. You should not be here by the way." he adds, "Orcs sometimes come here. I'm surprised there are none at the moment."

"I do not care much Haldir.", I say, speaking my mind.

"I know you don't but you should leave anyway." he says back, "We used to come here all the time but it is not safe anymore."

"Fine." I say disappointed, "I will leave."

I turn away from him and pick up my bow.

"Wait." he says, "I have a message from the Lady Galadriel for you."

I face him again, with a curious look on my face and he continues.

"Strange things are happening. Everyone in Middle Earth knows this. The Enemy is back. He is putting his dark forces at work again. There will be a council in Rivendell to discuss more about what is happening and what we should do next. Galadriel chose you to represent her at the council."

"M-me?" I say shocked, "Why?"

"She thinks you are the only one who should represent her."

That explains a lot Haldir...

"When is the council?", I ask.

"Nine days. You will have to leave in two days with a group of elves to head to Imladris. You depart at dawn.", he answers.

"Are you coming with?", I ask Haldir, already knowing the answer.

"No, I have to stay here and protect Lothlorien. I will come to say farewell when you leave. Until then you can not come here anymore. I am sorry Amber.", he says.

"Fine, I should go home now anyway. It's getting dark.", I say upset.

"I will come with you.", Haldir says, "Your family knows about the council by the way."

Great, I'm always the last one to know anything.

We walk to my house in silence, the only sound of the leaves blowing in the wind and our breath in the now night air.

"Le cenithon ned lu thent Haldir,", I say when we reach the door to my house.
(See you later)

"Navaer Amber. I will see you in two days.", he replies, walking away

I watch him disapear into the total darkness when I finally enter my house.


Nae saion lumme: It has been to long

Le cenithon ned lu thent: See you later

Navaer: Farewell

A: Hi/Hello

I hope the first chapter was ok!

~Talia Spirit

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