Chapter 5

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The Fellowship has to depart in a week. During that time we all have a chance to get everything in order and relax for a while, before setting out on the long journey. A few people talked to me about joining the Fellowship.

"Amber, are you sure you're ready for such a journey?", Gandalf asked me right after the Council.

"I am Mithrandir." I said, "I know what is at risk, I'll be fine. Besides, 3 minutes ago you said it was final that I would be coming."

"Alright, I'll tell Glorfindel to send word to your family about your decision.", Gandalf said.

"Thank you. I was wondering how my parents would hear about me joining the Fellowship.", I tell him.

"Now that you are apart of the Fellowship, I feel like you won't be the same Amber Light as before.", Gandalf warns me.

"I knew that before, Mithrandir.", I say with a weak smile.

Aragorn also talked to me about the change of events.

"Don't join us Amber. You're better off safe in Lothlorien.", Aragorn says sternly.

"Safe in Lothlorien? Doing what, just sitting around while the Darkness grows!?", I snap, anger getting the best of me.

"You can protect your people and the borders with Haldir! Your good with bows and swords!", he replies.

"No, you do not understand! Galadriel choose me to represent her for the Council. Now I also know that she also meant for me to represent her in the Fellowship!"

I realized I was shouting so I spoke more calmly,

"Besides, even if I went back to Lothlorien the Enemy would destroy us when he gains more power. And it will happen. This is the only way to prevent him from taking my home and all of Middle Earth. I can't just do nothing, I could not stand myself if I stayed back."

"If that is how you truly feel." he gives in, "But I'm still not alright you joined the Fellowship.."

"Its for the best, Aragorn" I answer, "Besides, it will be good having another mellon around for you."

The day before we had to leave I was practising sword movements in a small, beautiful field. Suddenly, someone was behind me so I drew my sword on the figure, but not before he blocked my attack with a long knife. Our eyes met and I recognized him from the Council. He was the elf, Legolas.

"You were watching me for a while, weren't you?" I realize, "Why were you spying on me?"

"Well aiya to you too" he counters, "You cannot prove I was spying on you."

I give Legolas a piercing look, and suddenly recognize his name.

"Wait, Legolas right?" I ask him, "You must be Thranduil's son. That would make you-"

"Prince of Mirkwood, correct." he finishes for me, "You must bow to me!"

"Sure..." I couldn't help but laugh, "Prince of Mirkwood, what a fancy title."

"Not as fancy as Amber Light, Representer of Galadriel", he recalls.

"You can just call me Amber.", I say, surprised Legolas remembered my full name and title.

"Amber, well that is much easier to remember.", he teases.

"If you will excuse me..." I say, wishing this conversation would come to an end.

I'm not trying to be rude, I just really want to continue practising with my sword in peace.

"Saesa omentien lle" Legolas says, taking the hint, "The world is funny place, for you remind me of someone I knew 60 years ago."
(Pleasure meeting you)

Legolas leaves without explaining and I'm left with nothing but confusion at his words.


Mithrandir: The elves call Gandalf, Mithrandir

Aiya: Hello

Saesa omentien lle: Pleasure meeting you

~Talia Spirit

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